its the beginning

You know if i spent as much time studying as i do thinking bout fashion and shopping, my grades would probably soar and my parents would get off my back. Oh well..i am who i am no apologies. i love my fashion and i have to admit i am quite a shopping addict. Am setting off on a journey here called self-discovery. Its abit fuzzy at the beginning but then again we never really know whats in store for us so i guess lets wait for fate to surprise us…

I got nothing much for you today, i’ve been shopping quite a bit the last few days…redefining myself actually so alot of the things are still experimental photos are definitely in the plan as well so u are part of the process through n through. feel free to contribute… 
  • GraceAlice

    Hey daisy its good to blow steam…fashion is a good outlet. Follow me see how far we go

  • Daisy M

    I relate to what you're saying…I have a CAT in less than half an hour and clearly it's not my books am looking through. Am new too…I get exactly how fuzzy it is =D