futuristic in purple…


So today i woke up with no idea what i would wear to school, my roomie and one of my Bff’s, Cathy insisted on purple. Its my favourite colour because without a doubt it makes me look good…i think everyone looks good in purple…
This is one of my favourite dresses i got it a few months back from Adams…its kinda short so i paired it up with sheer grey stockings, a pink satchel, a white cropped sweater and a black tube top to reduce cleavage >too much for law school. i really love the pattern on the dress its futuristic and the blend of colours is great.

The earring was a creation of Cathy’s one of her old earrings and i got the feather’s from Maasai Market

i really love the four beaded bracelets coz of their colour i bought them from a girl called Anne who makes them. she has a wide variety of colours

Dress- Adams  Ksh250
Grey stockings- Ksh100
Purple flats- Mr. Price Ksh1400
Pink satchel- Ksh100
Beaded bracelets- ksh 150each
Purple Alice-band- ksh100
White cropped sweater-Kampala ksh 500

i love this purple Alice-band they always jazz up my outfits i have them in many colours, although am looking for a yellow bow and an ecclectic fascinator