Even though we are off session my friends and I really could not let these three birthdays go by without yes you guessed it CAKE!!!! I have the best group of friends trust me they always manage to brighten up my days…..this day we had lunch and cake at Kisoo’s house (and my oh my didn’t we eat!!!) there was lots of laughter as we played a game whose name I can’t quite remember but it had CHARADES in it where one person had to make gestures of a statement from the Bible it was so hilarious. can you imagine trying to explain without talking: CAST YOUR LOTS TO MAKE CLOTH!!!! how now?!
It was awesome getting to see the gang because we have a really long break before October….this time we had TRICOLAD CAKE from artcaffe it was really small we felt conned but it tasted heavenly

cathy & cake

lovebirds :)

:) :) :)


CATHY (very good at evading photos) & Evette BIRTHDAY GIRLS

who run the world GIRLS!!!! yes they cleaned while we sat and gossiped

birthday boy with his better half

ladies ladies….beautiful i must say

caught out! oops

go shawty its yo birthday *gangster* Evette you crack me up as always

the world’s greatest group of friends…minus cathy in hiding as usual

the infamous TRICOLAD

THE GANG MINUS tussy & CATHY trying to disappear somewhere between people

victoe we know its not your birthday today but please do SMILE

zippy & immaQ (another cathy doesn’t like to take pics)

cutest couple..MIKE & SHI
MARION & STANZA talk about love being in the air :)

our lovely hostess KISOO

I was probably thinking I should bring a date next time :(

evette today you can do what you want its your birthday after-all

we were trying to be artistic…:) like those photos you go to a gallery and you try to interpret the mood photograpgher wanted to capture *giggles*

 This is what I wore to the lunch….as usual I am a thrift junkie afterall, who doesn’t like a great bargain!

black sailor blazer ksh 350/- Ngara

red clutch bag ksh 50/- random hawker in town

striped sailor top ksh 300/- bootsale

grey high-waist skirt with pockets KSH 390/-Ngara

statement necklace ksh 300/- town
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15701050875056984956 Ciru Kiama

    Aawww thank you Grace šŸ˜Ž We all look great! Tht was an awesome day. Happy Birthday June babies.