Ties are and have been for centuries a staple accessory in executive men’s wardrobes. This post has been inspired  by the gentlemen in my class that are having trouble pairing up their ties. Well I’ve done my research and hopefully yo will be less confused after this post. .
When you wear a tie, you want to make a good impression hence you have
to make the right
The general rule if you are starting out is to use a plain patternless shirt progressing from WHITE>LIGHT BLUE>OFF WHITE>PASTELS(i.e. light Pink Purple)

General considerations include:

OCCASION: the tie you wear to your first job interview cannot be the same one you wear to your wedding.

COLOUR: Use complementary colours together this is to mean that unless you’re a clown or from a tribe in eastern Kenya well known for colour clashing then you should not be caught dead wearing a dark green shirt with a brown, purple and red tie.
Almost always go for a monochromatic look>put two shades of the same colour together e.g. a light blue shirt with a dark blue small patterned tie, a light gray shirt with a black or dark grey tie.

PATTERNS: this is where all the chaos starts…the best way to be safe is to wear a plain shirt with a patterned or striped tie. However if you want to mix patterns you have to probably be a pro to pull it off.       
a thin striped tie should not be paired with a thin striped tie but rather with polka dots, a solid colour tie or thick regimental striped tie.

SEASON: Cold months call for bolder jewel colours, while warmer months call for pastels and pale shades.

SUIT: Light-coloured suit always go with dark-coloured ties.

 Dark solid suits go well with bold rich colouerd ties with small repetitive patterns. Dark ties are a NO-NO unless you go with deep purple or dark tinted red.

Pin-stripe suits with thick butcher stripe shirt go best with dotted ties or plain solid ties.

PROPORTION: Large men with a wide front should wear a wider than average tie that’s long enough to go down to their belt buckle.
Petite gentlemen should invest in slimmer ties and shorter in length while the average guy should go for a tie that is no more than 3-3.7 inches wide.

NB: Pocket squares should never match the tie but rather just complement the whole look.
do not be caught dead wearing a novelty tie to a formal setting. They are totally unacceptable…these are the ties in loud colours with fancy icons & images e.g. skulls, cartoon characters, naked lady silhouettes etc.

I hope i demystified ties for you guys :)

*images courtesy of google images :)

  • GraceAlice

    i think ladies can pull of ties as well for the preppy look or as you've said the punk rock, i have a couple of ties that i wear once in a while….for me they have to be really eye-catching and i would not follow ant of these rules….lemme check out your blog

  • Living, Learning, Eating

    What do you think of ties on girls? I went through such a tie phase back in middle school, when we were all trying so hard to be little punk rockers šŸ˜›

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    Ciao :)

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