So i took these pics after a day in town with my dad…we went to have my phone fixed but the guy at the shop said it would be pointles so here I am waiting to get a new phone, hopefully an android. I would have loved an I-phone or the Samsung Galaxy s3 buuuut unfortunately part of growing up is learning that I can’t have everything I want :( I like to think that a miracle of some sort will happen  *fairy god-mother i hope you’re listening

This jacket is one of the thing I bought while in Kampala…I love the colour and shoulders that’s all :) its not vintage so am afraid i’ll start seeing it all over the place in Nairobi in a few months. I paired it with my striped bandage dress, Accessorize heels and a black sling bag to which I attached a floral pin. I also bought the pin in Kampala and I love not only its colours but the fact that its versatile…I can use it in my hair, on coats, on bags *sigh


WHIP MY HAIR!!! like a lady

did i mention i went with Evette she was my patient photographer

  • And the jacket eventually made it to Nairobi street uniform! hehe….

    • Grace Ndiege

      Haha Thank you for reading this far back!