The last time I wrote a post for guys it was right before our judicial attachment to help them with their tie choices…well uni this side of the continent has delayed by a month and we start our new year on 8th Oct unlike the rest of the world #sleeeeeeep. SO anyhu seeing as we are going back to school am almost 100% the girls are all geared up and ready they have or are still going shopping for new looks and i figure guys, well they are more laid back and most don’t quite give two shits what they wear.

Quite frankly I don’t think its possible to get a whole new look in one go. Infact I believe just a slight upgrade, or different way of pairing the same old clothes might be the perfect solution. Furthermore guys like to keep it simple :) :)
HOWEVER and pay attention because these are merely basics you need to have in your wardrobe before the next sem: (or atleast at some point in your lifetime)

1. CLEAN UNDERWEAR….if am not wearing granny panties you have no excuse to wear anything torn whether briefs/boxers or undershirts/vests
2. JEANS and believe it or not you only need 3 pairs. I love dark blue& black jeans but i wnt be biased so you may own a light blue but beware of these. lighter jeans tend to look worn out faster than dark. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease stay away from the skinny jeans…and baggy jeans too. The best fit is straight well fitting variety *i dnt want you to jeorpardise your future generation with the skinny jeans plus if i can see the outline of your MR. hez probably in as much pain as he looks 😛 😛

3. KHAKI’s / CHINOs *i can hear you grumbling already most men do not realise how versatile this pants are. Its easy to change from casual/preppy chic in khakis and a polo shirt to smart casual and a bit dressy if you pair it with a nice shirt and a blazer (you can wear this to weddings and you look really dressed up without trying too hard) which leads me to…

4. POLO TEEZ in addition to the graphic teez that guys wear oftenly a couple of polo shirts  does wonders to your wardrobe. Other than your regular black, white and beige one…Maroon, Baby blue and Navy blue are a great pick and for the more open-minded men Red and yes i said it PINK lol not fuschia(bright pink) but rather the paler pink should work best. The best thing about them is that they go well with both jeans and chinos. Try plains as well as striped polo shirts.

5. SHIRTS eeeeerm you didn’t think you could wiggle your way out of this one did you??? A basic white shirt and blue are almost mandatory. Then you may add the striped or checked ones as you feel. Lucky for guys the pilot shirt is a great fix as it is both casual and dressy. They go with jeans and chinos :)

6. V-neck sweaters in neutral colours :)

7. Casual blazer….you do not know how this jus takes a normal jeans and shirt look 10timesbetter. Whether its for a date, an occasion etc you will not get it wrong with a blazer :) Navy is your safest bet if your trying out the trend for the first time. But if your blazer savvy, you can experiment with bolder cuts and colours :)

The others are really quite miscallaneous BELTS (again no sagging of pants) and shoes, I should probably have gone into depth about this but your CONVERSE/NIKES/PLIMSOLES work just fine with jeans while a pair of brown loafers for the chinos gives you that preppy look.

did i almost forget…THE CLASSIC WHITE TEE…you don’t even need to be told how to wear this piece

As i write this post am picturing myself actually giving a lecture before a hall, calling out individuals whom i think have mastered some of these few basic skills and just have an interactive session *sure beats having to listen to a certain boring lecturer for two hours non stop!!

Please note this post purely touches on casual and semi-casual looks.
That said i should do a feature on one of our more ecclectic dressers at campus….so they don’t feel left out :) *KEN&MBOYA that one will be for you guys :)