In our books accessories would mean belts, bags and jewellery well in Madam Dariux book the ultimate accessory is THE HANDBAG:

                     “Do not settle for anything that isn’t first rate” she says,

I have been living by this for quite some time now its like the mantra to my daily life, I live by the law of attraction only thinking of the positive :) According to Madam Elegant here a lady should never compromise in the quality of her handbags. It doesn’t matter how much it costs but that one bag should be the epitome of your elegance.  (my dream of owning either a Michael Korrs, Hamilton Bag or an Hermes Birkin Bag will forever remain alive)

Personally, I love alligator bags but she cautions against carrying these past FIVE PM the reptile retires for the dark. I have been coveting a couple since forever, but as of yet I do not own one…

This is one elegance commendment I personally do not find hard to follow, I am learning to slowly let go of some of the thrifted bags I have acquired that do not exactly fit this strict elegant criteria Madam Dariux has me living by. So far I own:

Perfect for short trips and weekend getaway. It fits everything including a change of clothes, I use mine to for swimming and shopping with the girls. If you have a baby its a good way of carrying diaper and baby stuff.

these are your daily bags, you carry it eveyrwhere it fits most of your things and would be good for school, work basically anywhere….
 surprise surprise I do not own a balch handbag for some queer unfathomable reason I have just never bought a black handbag

the ultimate epitome of Elegance, the Queen afterall carries these and who is more elegant than the quenn of england herself. These are quite handy because they come in all sizes and can be used from day to night and leave your hands free to do something else


clutch bags come in handy for the Evening out as they do not take attention away from the dress and add that final chic detail to an outfit. I do not have a pictures of these but I own atleast two clutchbags: one snakeskin that my mother gifted me two or three years ago and another tribal print that i absolutely love.

This month if your following me on my journey to elegance, Take stock on the bags you own and chuck out those old beaten down ones. Its the only way you will bring yourself to improve your wardrobe.

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Ciao guys,