OKAY I MIGHT JUST BE OBSSESSED WITH MYSELF am sorry I don’t mean to be vain but I really am…LOL. So this lovely Saturday after I’d showered  andgot dressed, I started taking photos, so I thought might as well share these….


I hadn’t planned a post for today but my mum was spring cleaning her wardrobe, I was watching and soon enough I started playing with some of her stuff much to her chagrin. Anyway long story short I landed this headpiece from one of her African outfits and decided, hmm well why not try and do something with it. Its not left my head since….I have never been keen on turbans I don’t think hats and other hair accessories suit me much so i’ve kept away from them..WHAT DO YOU THINK?

My brother, Willis was very reluctant to take the photos so I only managed a few shots. He was moody about it and did not even warn me he was doing anything he just handed the camera to me and said,
                                    ‘am done, now get lost!!’  #TEENAGERS

This is a black dress I got from a not so random hawker, he helped Evette and I out of a difficult situation a while back and now whenever I run into him I pretty much buy a dress. I don’t mind though they’re inexpensive….I wore them with red patent flats which are borrowed from my sister (for good LOL) no accessories though I was just in the house and saw no need.

Am looking forward to hear your thoughts on this post.


       I got that internship I interviewed for the week I was sick *excitos
       I start Monday

  • Anonymous

    what lipstick/balm is that?? its really nice