There is something about a slow-moving woman in traffic. Everyone, everything changes. Heels have the effect of turning ANY woman into a sultry elegant slow-moving piece of art that literally hauls traffic to a stop.


Am not making this up, no…I have lived it in this dimension. Last week on Monday when I wore my red pointy-toes to work. The world literally stopped for me…..a random man stopped in the street and gasped out loud: at work doors were held for me, my voice was heard…okay maybe i exaggerated the last bit. But I won’t lie, I sat up straighter and held my head higher, probably made my best decisions on that day.

My elegance sensei, Madam Dariux lives by the premise that a lady should never be seen in public without her heels.  
“Comfort”, she says “is the PUBLIC NUMBER ONE ENEMY of elegance.”

I have to admit this has been the hardest commandment to follow in this pursuit of elegance, given that my daily life involves a commute that is not so kind on the feet. if you’re in heels. But I am definitely promising to make amends and embrace my heels once I stop being dependent on public transportation…I will choose to wear my heels more often and strut down the streets of  Nairobi:stand apart from the rushing crowd, walk slower and get to enjoy my town.
 After all, you cannot see the world if you’re rushing blindly through it.