Picture that bold backless
red-carpet ready gown: long and elegant, hugging every inch of your body. The
deep plunging back showing off bare skin dipping dangerously with the curve of
your back and stopping suddenly at the rise of your peak, did you feel the
hairs on your neck rise? How about the tempting décolletage to your front
characterized with sheer panels of organza or lace, covering up yet revealing
just enough to send riveting chills of raw sensuality. Now imagine if the
distraction caused by well the sight of a BRA, anti-climax!
My fascination with basic
intimates is fuelled by my thirst for elegance. I believe in good underwear. I
believe more strongly that good underwear is better than any outfit. Nothing makes
a woman more feminine than the things that hug closest to her skin.
Doubtful…Have you watched Drake’s Hold On
We’re Going Home
video or Beyonce’s Best
Thing I Never Had
? The key word here is INVISIBLY ACCENTUATED.
Whether you are taking the plunge
into the deep end with a backless number or just dipping in your toes with the
lace, mesh or very sheer fabric; or are a bride looking for no accidents on the
big day pucker up because am about to give you the kiss of life. You can thank
me later. Essential delicates that are a woman’s underwear should be taken as
seriously as a heart attack. The trend tide has swept in all sorts of daring
attire our way but as we embrace these trends; caution has obviously been
thrown to the wind regarding the most important detail of any outfit…UNDERWEAR!!!
Disclaimer this is about to get
graphic, so if you tend to turn beetroot excuse yourself at your own risk of
course. If you are anything like me then you have probably noticed the bad bras
showing left right and centre off every back on many women. I love everything
sensual and feminine and while a regular bra may be suitable for any other
outfit a double take is needed for those edgier more daring looks. At this
point the major assumption is that your bra can show since well there is a gap
where there normally would be none…WRONG! Underwear should remain hidden at all
As you start the New Year this is
definitely the best time to update your lingerie drawer focusing specifically
on specialized bras to suit your growing tastes in fashion, here are the
Throw out your clear straps,
newsflash they are tacky! While easily substituting the strapless bra, the
silicon bra is an adhesive bra that will easily save you the pain eyesore of a
peeping bra. It has two cups which you stick on to your own breasts and clip in
the middle. If used properly it is also push up bra that will allow you maximum
support and love for the girls.

Available at Lingerie World and Bikini City for 1500 Ksh

This corset style bra has a low
back style (Picture Rihanna’s Only Girl video) and no straps allowing you to wear carry out that reasonably low cut
dress. The corset also ensure your nifty bits are tucked away which to me is a
plus if you are blessed with love handles

Perfect for wearing under the
unconventional t-back tops like vests, again clear straps will not suffice. The
sun is out and this bra is mandatory for this kind of attire.  There are also lower back criss cross bras for the backless gown, again very important

If you take the removable straps
of your everyday bra, it is bound to let you down….literally. A proper
strapless bra has a silicon strip running along the lining that acts as an
adhesive that clings on to your skin giving your girls the support needed for
that sexy strapless number.

If you are a believer in your 90
degree perkiness, skip the bra altogether and stick on some nipple covers
instead. Dorn your daring décolletage and you are set for the evening or day
out. I would however not recommend this stunt for bigger busted women, stick to
your bras gravity has not been too kind on some of you.

Did you ever watch Blair Waldorf
on Gossip Girl undress after an exclusive Upper East Side do? It was always as
if she wore another little nude dress underneath the gown. By any other name
the slip in different variations is also a Sheath and more commonly Spanx or
Body-shapers. While it is a bonus piece of underwear, it is your nip tuck
solution to a tummy tuck often creating a flawless base on which to layer your
dress. Everyone needs one of these; even I have a little pouch at the base of
my stomach that a bodycon dress would not forgive.

While these items might cost you
a pretty penny, their value is immeasurable. It is definitely an investment in
you that you will always appreciate. The list is not comprehensive but it
serves up just the right amount of knowledge you need to get ahead with it.
Let’s fight this menace that is a showing bra and live to love ourselves
Share with me your experiences
with a bad bra
  • Kate

    I find it difficult to get a good sexy bra in Nairobi. I am big busted so my options are very few. Suggestions on where one can get them

    • Woolworths, I have seen them stock up to GG it will be pricey but they have very good quality bras. You can always wait for a sale but I recommend you check them out now. Also I can’t remember the name but I have seen a page on Facebook that caters specifically to big busted women. They ship bras from abroad from double D