The metal plate is in town with a clang! Obviously intended
to be worn as a statement piece, it has quickly been integrated into everyday
wear through accessories. Easing its way from autumn/winter 2013, the intention
was to create a cold effect against the warmer feeling of an outfit.
Personally, in addition to my love for neutrals I am obsessed with acquiring
every single piece there is to own. It builds on my love for gold accents and
can be worn with anything from floral prints, bold colours to monochromatic prints to break a
Highly ranked on my list are the following pieces:
Cinched in style, this belt is available in different cuts
and sizes. It is very easy and versatile to pair. Your gown will be transformed
into red carpet glamour, while your African print is instantly cosmopolitan
when you add this belt to your waist. It is indispensible and goes with
everything from skirts, dresses and even on top of your blazer.
Everything from sandals, open-toe heels, gladiators to
sneakers has integrated the metal plate. I am particularly in love with this
open-toe pair from Forever21, they definitely draw the right type of attention
to your legs. Sneakers mean that even the men are not left out of the loop as
well. Can I get a YEZUS on this one!

Mostly definitely a conversation starter, these two shows
just how ingenious it is to become to add edginess to your look without being
over the top. The Snapbacks give a sort of Kanye vibe, I don’t know why but I
trust him to be an authority on male fashion. Again the men are taken care of
in the least way you could have expected.

Not only is the trend taking the form of metallic plates, the
metal mirror trend takes up metal caps. Added to the collars of blouses or
dresses and cap toe shoes the metal cap turns any plain Jane piece uber-chic.

Metallics are definitely doing it for everyone. Added to
accentuate the plastic which is a popular material for sunglasses today, the
metal cuts take the cheap out of the plastic. Try a cat-eye or rectangular
frame and see if you don’t fall in love your reflection.

 Let’s get with the times people. I am in love with this trend I don’t see why you shouldn’t too.