The ticking time bomb that is
S.Kaari will leave you at the edge of your seat once she sets the runway aflame
with her piercing eyes, fiery walk and exotic look. I guarantee a demeanor like
an electric surge that will hold you captive and you dare not move a muscle
until she’s off the runway. Aura, captivating aura! Little secret am always
crossing my fingers hoping she opens the show at any Strut It Afrika
production, it just sets the right tone.  
Off the runway and you never did
meet a more humble person. It’s like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce; one absolutely
loveable the other a riveting temptress. At an intimidating 5’11’’ Sharon in
real life could really easily be your girl next door though not average, because
S.Kaari, her alter ego is Giselle in another life. Also finding her foundation
from high school pageants, a former Miss Choxx if I can recall, the 21 year old
has had it going for her since. I still cross my fingers that IMG or DNA sees
this face somewhere because she ought to be walking runways like Mercedes-Benz,
Paris, Milan or New York. (SOMEONE TELL
What you probably did not know
about her is that aside from being absolutely beautiful, she’s brainy too,
might even be a geek. You need a lot of that if you are a Computer Science
student. A dreamer and not just a dreamer but she works towards her dreams. Having
tried for Elite Model Management in 2011 and going all the way to the final
gala but not making it in for many would have been the end of pursuing that
dream, but alas she found a home in StrutIt Afrika where she has been since.

NAME: S.Kaari (Sharon Kaari)
AGE: 21years
HEIGHT: 5’11’’
BEST FEATURE: Cheekbones
Afrika Fashion Week 2013, FAFA2012, Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012 (Addis), Swahili
Fashion Week 2012 Nairobi Showcase, Swahili Fashion Week 2011 Dares-Salaam

FEATURED IN: Wyre’s Mwanake Video, Drum April 2012, True Love
December 2013 Fashion Spread
FAVOURITE DESIGNERS: Azra Walji, Jamil Walji, Wambui Mukenyi
PERSONAL STYLE: Sharon, the student is smart and comfortable
                                 S.Kaari, the model prefers to be
sexy and playful but also comfortable

SHOPS AT: Depending on what she is looking for she shops everywhere
from town to Ngara. Favourite place has to be Eastleigh because you can always
find everything in the same place (Watch out Nakumatt someone else has
everything under one roof)
FUTURE PROSPECTS IN MODELING: Victoria Secret Models looks like a
good place to grow into, I still dream of walking in Paris or Milan or New York
one day.
THE KENYAN INDUSTRY: Has too much potential but not enough space to
grow into the international sphere. We lag behind when it comes to the right
connections with the international fashion community otherwise the industry
would have so much more to offer models.

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