Life is quite similar to a game
of candy crush. Sometimes you are stuck in the same place for so long with no hope of moving past or you have to repeat the same processes over and over for several weeks,
other phases just pass by in a fleet it’s almost forgettable and other times you have to depend on someone else to throw you a lifeline. Like candy crush
however, you will eventually move on, it is indeed always darkest before the

I thought completing my Uni and handing in my dissertation would simplify
life. Guess what, life threw me one curve ball and then another and another and
they keep coming. LIFE, I ONLY HAVE TWO
I swear growing pains are real, regardless I am learning to deal
with each one as it comes; some require more patience than others. I have faith that everything will work out as it should in
the end. In the same breathe let us take a moment of silence to remember loved ones that we have lost. It has been a long couple of months for the people whom I hold close to my heart. Losing family members is not easy. Most people wear black as a sign of mourning but Indians usually wear white. I will be featuring white pieces in my outfits in loving memory of these people.

Am wearing a custom made peplum blazer and a custom white midi skirt. I am still a rookie with mixing prints but I paired the look with a polka dot nude top and a leopard statement necklace. For that pop of color I added my nude and orange open-toe heels. I love the cat-eye sunnies, the metallic detail at the top of the frame is crazy fabulous!This is perfect for an event or wedding, it is probably the only way you can wear white to a wedding.
Where would you wear this to?

Leso print peplum blazer- Custom made, White midi skirt- Custom made, Wild Rose Open-toe Heels- UrbanOg, Nude polka dot top- Frankie, Leopard Print statement necklace- Gifted, Grey Clutch bag-Gikomba, Cat-eye Sunglasses- CBD 

Photography courtesy of Noel Mwachala