When you want something really badly and you will it with
all your heart, the universe will conspire until you have it… I do not

Think about it, when you think about your crush and how you will
say something to them, then you keep practicing your lines over and
over. Then out of the blue you just run into them…who do you think
that is making things happen. You can thank the Universe. Or when you
see that pair of shoes that is slightly out of your budget and you run
into an uncle who gives you just the amount you needed to get them,
Universe! When only one or two topics that you read are the only two topics examined, the Universe (This doesn’t APPLY
when you also use aiding tools like Google and Mwakenyas during the exam!)

I have been dying to get a leather jacket since I outgrew mine ages ago. I am very particular about the cut of my blazers and jackets because I love the frame created by a good fit.  The search has been long and hard. Today I am wearing a leather jacket that is barely two weeks old in my wardrobe but already been out on the town so many times I will soon wear it out. I am grateful for the service it gave to its previous owner before getting to me because they took great care of it. I paired it together with this beautiful navy chiffon crop top and white pants. These stretch pants have saved me for years seeing as I am now a Size 12 bottom  would you believe! Also new to my wardrobe are these amazing NGOMA (canvas shoes) from Bata that cost Ksh 299. They are so comfortable and I searched every Bata store in town before finding my size at Lifestyle. Just because I am a child at heart I wore them out of the store. My travel bag too has a story of its own but that is for another day…

Lastly thank you guys for being amazing readers, I am feeling mushy today so I will spread the love.

Leather Jacket~ Thrifted, Top~ Thrifted, White pants~ Uganda, Canvas shoes~ Bata, Travel bag~ Thrifted, Earrings~ Dubois Road, Cat-eye Sunnies~ CBD

Photos courtesy of Noel Mwachala


  • Millicent Thaithi

    hey, which bata shop did you buy the shoes?

    • Hey any bata should have these, I’m not sure if they still stock them they have been around for a while, if you are in Nairobi check Hilton, lifestyle, Mama Ngina and the ones on Moi Ave