Dressing up goes hand in hand
with fine dining… I love the idea of getting home from work showering and
then heading out to eat with of course great company! The only reason I get
excited about dates is the great food, sampling wine and of course…..the
EatOut Kenya introduces DATENIGHT every Tuesday that allows you to experience fine dining at Nairobi’s
finest for upto 50% off on the meal for two people. This means that you are literally
going to eat for half off!! All you pay for is the other half plus your drinks….
Guys you do not want to pass up this chance of impressing her on your first
date by taking her somewhere exclusive. Other couples can rekindle their love
in a chic setting you can take this opportunity to propose, celebrate birthdays
and anniversaries anything to get your better halves out of her baggy t-shirt
and headscarf. Just don’t come banging on my door if Boo realizes you only ever
take her out of Tuesdays!
YUMMY TUESDAYS is not just about
couples, so do not start eyeballing me if you are alone. I suggest you call up
your friends and catch up over a nice meal. The offer also covers larger groups;
you might want to join the group Yummy Tuesday for more information on this. If
you are wondering if the menu is a la carte, you are so wrong!! The offer is
open for the restaurant’s entire menu, all you have to do is contact YummyTuesdays to get your coupon everyday by 6pm. I hope we all embrace this dining
out culture at least this once. Some of the restaurants already signed up
include Tamambo Village
Market, Emerald Thai Garden, Pablo’s at the Best Western Premier, Seven Grill
& Lounge, Brew Bistro Lounge

If you manage to attend share
with me your experiences with photos. I will be happy to also know what you
wore to which restaurant. Catch me soon at any of the restaurants enjoying
Yummy Tuesday!

P.S Just a reminder before you go
showing her off, please YouTube  and brush up on how to hold a fork and knife…am not kidding by
the way.