Transitioning into womanhood for many adolescent girls still remains a nightmare.
Between the zits, boys, hormonal changes and school who can keep up…throw in your period and it becomes hell on earth right? WRONG!! At that age I think we are so wound up by our growing pains we forget to live a little, laugh a whole lot and talk most importantly because that’s what girls do.

Get a group of girls together, throw in food, wine and some music and the conversations will flow. Last night I had fun catching up with girls my own age and older at the #LIKEAGIRL Launch Campaign dinner held at Le Palanka in Lavington. This night was meant to start the discussion on the Always campaign in Kenya that seeks to give growing girls a friend with whom they can relate to who has been through and survived, and not only survived but thrived after adolescence. Spending time with girls is always rewarding I felt like someone told my story and that I was not the first and would probably not be the last who went through some awkward phase in my adolescence. We spoke about such intimate moments and shared our personal experiences, we had a good laugh and I got to meet make new friends.

I hope we are all  holding our younger sister’s hands through this journey. Adolescence is a period that you ought to enjoy, experiment and discover your identity. For the growing girl, I want to let you know that the boys don’t change, they’re still dumb, the zits well…that’s dependent on your genes, but YOU change. You blossom into a swan, wiser, more beautiful and even more powerful if you believe in yourself. Do not lose sight of your dreams, do not be afraid of being your true self  most of all do not let the notion that doing anything like a girl be demeaning to you.

Disclaimer she is not my sister, Frankie and I 

Winnie Odande (holding mic) of Fit and Discover

Anita Gaitho of Style Sketches and her cousin Julia

Our host for the night, Lulu Said

Homeboyz Radio presenters Della and Rachel

Senewa of Style by Senewa
Anita Mogere of From Curves with Love

Angela Ndegwa and Abigail Arunga

What does it mean to you when someone says that you are do something like a girl? Share with me down below and on Twitter and tell me what you are doing proudly using the hashtag #LIKEAGIRL Join the discussion today and let us change the legend, and show girls around the world that we are proud to have accomplished our achievements #LIKEAGIRL

Ciao loves