What happens when your ride or die texts you barely an hour to make plans. You drop everything of course…folks THIS ONE IS LOYAL!!
THE DATE: A couple of weeks back, Fransisca (aka Frankie), my twin from another mother sends me a message to be her plus one to Diana Opoti’s event 100 Days Of African Fashion which was held in collaboration with MARTINI. I almost said no seeing as it was a weekday and I was in the middle of a long day but the ten minute walking distance from my office worked for me. Frankie (whom I will not forgive for inviting me earlier) and I had so much fun at the event seeing as we are both fashion enthusiasts and well throw in a good cause and we will have something to talk about. 
THE CAUSE: 100 Days of African Fashion…Take part in the Campaign to put African fashion on the map and trend widely. How many African designers can you name comfortably without hesitation? Let us grow our own industry we need to catch up with the rest of the world and be a force.
VENUE: Monikos Kitchen, Valley Arcade…Take time and visit the place soon. 
DRESSCODE: Honestly, I just went there from work but everyone else was dressed for cocktail.
GUESTS: Star-studded affair, trust me if I was not shy this post would be full of them.
PHOTOS: Nimifab Life and Eyecon Photography 
I had so much fun but rather than repost all the same photos that have been on the site for ages, here are a quite a few of me and my date Frankie…am not saying am a hog but the camera seems to love a lot of me. For the rest of the photos from the event you can find them here,

Eli Thandiwe Chep of Radio Africa. Myself and Frankie

With Sharon Mundia of ThisIsEss, Diana Opoti of Designing Africa, Frankie of Nimifab Life

Have a lovely week. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #100DaysOfAfricanFashion on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be a part of this movement.
Ciao loves