KARIBU! Welcome to this new segment of my blog called THAT EXTRA HALF AN INCH… This is exactly the sort of thing befitting of all the in-between spaces in my life that you do not know about. So less pictures more gab and see where we go with this less structured segment.
realized that I may not be the most normal person and being alone with my
though bears its fruit, some of the things I think are pure genius others well…you be the
judge tell me what you want to talk about on the next one:
It’s almost
Christmas! I have lost the spirit over the years I don’t see myself finding it
this year either. Growing up I remember Christmas Eve when the house was filled
with the heavenly smell of a baking cake. Mum made it that much more special
and guess what she pulled it off on a jiko
If there are people I
could pay it would probably be KPLC for that ad with smoke and exploding jikos,
the creators of Road Runner and a one year old called GIFT. The untold joy that
they have collectively brought my mother! I am afraid I cannot match your
I figured that I
probably want to be serenaded by Sauti Sol to Sura Yako. Am putting this out
there so that if you plan to do it, make sure I am dressed up and that you
record it on a DSLR;
I have this major
crush on Iyanya, I can’t explain but something about him just screams MY
I can’t get over that
One Republic album and Sam Smith someone sue him and enjoin Ed Sheeran and The
Script to that suit these are men after my own heart;
Smack in the middle
of my sensible music is Konshens- HOT SEXY GYAL because I am random like that
and honestly after crying through these guys above I like to surprise myself
and just laugh at the shock when the song starts
Just in case you are
wondering YES I CAN TWERK and darn good too hell I AM THE PARTY STARTER. There
is no shame in popping the bumper it’s just dancing;
Someone tell SHARON MUNDIA I can get her a nice
stack of stationery on condition that she does not disclose the location on
social media, I don’t want the world crowding my nooks cowering over my little
I appreciate African
productions, has anyone watched DOWRY, it just stopped abruptly at Episode 5
and I am dying of suspense…someone find me that script;
While we are on
African productions you should watch the YouTube series An African City, I
watched it a while back…we are going places people. There is quite a bit of
relevant content right here;
Is anyone else hooked
to SPICE TV on DSTV’s Channel 192?
I need to hung up my
leather jacket already, little guy is thrown over every outfit;
How did I exist
before gold accessories, I am dangerously obsessed with dainty gold pieces the love affair between us is too fulfilling;
Court shoes…my
flirtation with open toe heels is real;
Don’t be surprised if
you find me on a street corner haggling with a second hand vendor over novels
and magazines;
I am incurably
bargain-oriented (just made that up) most people would call this being
cheap…but i am not most people;

That said there are
things I will not compromise on…guess you have to catch the next post to find
Ciao loves