By the morning of graduation I
wasn’t decided on what I would be wearing to the ceremony. Ever since the
possibility of graduation became a reality; I was set on one thing LEATHER….MUSTARD LEATHER!!! As I went
back and forth choosing designs I could not let go of this image of me
strutting to the grounds in a sultry femme fatale mustard leather look. Having
no idea where to start I settled on custom made which saved me both time and
headache after I shopped for any other appropriate look in vain.
Fast forward to the morning of
graduation and I was only sure I was going to wear the skirt but no idea what
to pair it with. Of course I have to admit after piecing everything together it
felt genius, I could not be fazed. I was excited! A few hours later and we, my dad
and my brother Willis, are driving into the grounds. I am hit by a wave of
emotions. Suddenly it matters that mum is not here with me, that she had not
seen my outfit or approved it before I left that morning. Am I being selfish or
do I not deserve a moment with her this morning on my special day. My gown was
all over the place who would fix it for me: smooth my hair and wish me a lovely
day? Mum loves occasions we would probably have had three outfits to choose
from and I may or may not have had a huge influence on what she wore. I was
fighting back tears thinking surely I must be mad because as much as she was at
home unable to attend she must be happy for me. Of course I soon forget this
and sink into the general excitement of the day.
If I can tell you anything about
the ceremony it is probably that I heard nothing and took selfies all day. I am
grateful that I have come this far and that you have been here to share it with
Photography credits: BIU KAMAU 

Mustard Skirt~ Custom made
 Leather jacket~ Thrifted
Blouse~ Veteran House
Gold pumps ~ Soko Kuu
Necklaces ~ Dresslily.com
Earrings ~ Mr Price

Thank you for reading.