I want to go on Safari for my
Don’t get me wrong though, I am
not getting married soon. Far from it in fact, I have just been feeling
nostalgic about travel. It has been two years since I was on the road
with my family hankering at a new adventure. I have been hanging out a lot at
Matbronze Wildlife Gallery and Foundry. This took me back a few years when road
trips were a regular thing. I am aching to be back out on the open road!
You know how you think you have
seen so many elephants that you can’t take anymore pictures? I can’t get enough
of them. There is always a memory behind each picture; like the time one
charged at us and our tour van kept skidding in the mud it almost seemed like
it would get to us. 
Let me take you on my family’s adventures…
Game drives are everything! I
will wake up at 4 a.m. to follow anything that lives in the wild. A hunting lion, guinea fowl heck if Snails lived in the wild I would probably chase them down and do something touristy about it. Tsavo East and West National Park, Kenya is just a hidden
gem we often pass on our way to Mombasa. We visited back in December 2010 before the blog and before I had any ideas of photography.

A lodge built on solid rock is a photographers
dream! The view from Voi Safari Lodge is to die for. The dining room is high up on a cliff overlooking watering holes that makes your dining experience like none other. I wish I could go every
year. The watering hole is like nothing I had ever seen; you get to see the animals drinking from
barely 10m away from an underground cave after climbing down to through a long underground tunnel. I remember clearly the morning we
woke up to chase a lioness that had been sighted hunting. We waited for almost
an hour before the lady came sauntering by, like she didn’t know she had an
audience waiting. 

Or the evening after we had moved
to Ngulia waited for hours for a leopard to climb down from high up an acacia
tree. Finally gave up then on our way back to the lodge one was sitting pretty
at the edge of the road. I have never wanted to pick up a cat more than I did
this one. Its fur is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Spot the leopard in the tree anyone?

The view from my room…
I look back at some of these
pictures and I cannot get over how beautiful my country is. Some pictures I
have misplaced over time but the memories will never leave my heart.

A day after putting up this post a friend shared with me a competition by Zanzibar Serena and Travelstart Blogger Experience Competition offering a vacation for two to Zanzibar. If this is not fate then I do not know what it is!