Class is in session.
Today I tackle a style I have not
worn in almost three years, the preppy look. Remember when Gossip Girl was  the bees knees and
Alice bands were all the rage? I was a subscriber then and had the bands in all colours! When a few bloggers and myself decided to tackle
‘preppy’ looks I was the doubting Thomas in the group. I just could not see how
I could translate anything in my current wardrobe to suit this style. That is
until I was walking through Fashion Paradise, an actual thrift store in
Madaraka and saw this pair of shorts in the men’s section. Yes I shop in the

I was attracted first by the
pattern and then the cut. I prayed to God they would fit me otherwise I was
going to buy them  anyway and keep them until my nephew is old enough to wear them
(he’s about 4 months now). So I’m standing in the changing room eyes closed
pulling the shorts up slowly, whispering over and over ‘Just go up past my
thighs!’ I open my eyes and guess what THEY FIT and the best part is they are
sort of high waist which is a win in my books. I don’t think any man or boy can
wear them like I do.

To be honest I feel like a little school boy in my shorts. They are so comfortable I don’t know why they made us wear dresses in Primary School. They had to be grown and sexy with a little sheer blouse and pumps for me to rock them at 23! I don’t know if anyone is willing to go to 2012 for this one but I’m loving the shorts. I might keep them
for my nephew after all, they are way too stylish!

You know the drill, leave a comment down below and look out for another post later today! Thank you for reading.


Blouse- Thrifted | Shorts  Fashion Paradise | Pumps – Market Stalls | Bag – Rongai Market | Coat – Toi Market | Watch – Germany | Neckpiece- Dubois Street | 

 Photography by Ng’ash Sage