Coke Studio Background Vocalists dressed in Vivo Activewear  | Accessories courtesy of AccesorizeWithStyle |
Image courtesy of MagiqLensKenya

Background vocalists, Evelyne, Mayonde and Trina Mungai  at the Coke Studio set dressed in AfrostreetByYvonne | Make up Steve Koby | Accessories by AccessoriseWithStyle | Image Courtesy of MagiqLensKenya

There is no better platform to showcase African Fashion than on Coke Studio Africa Season Three set to air later this year. 

This campaign dubbed 100 Days of African Fashion ran for 100 days in 2014 was run by Fashion PR Consultant, Diana Opoti sought to encourage consumers to buy African designs.The fashion industry in Africa has been growing steadily over time and Diana’s campaign has propelled it further opening up African designers to a global platform. This collaboration with Coca-Cola Company just goes to prove how much bigger African fashion can grow. For Diana, 100 Days of African Fashion Campaign on Instagram has blown up into a global cause taken up by brands that believe in African fashion as much as she does. She has a billion reasons to believe in African fashion.
Do you know what goes into creating unique African fashion? @AfricaFashGuide @ASA_TALENT @_ethicalfashion #100Days pic.twitter.com/chIQ7vMXlS
Did you know that I teamed up with South Africa’s award winning artist #ZwaiBala (@zeebala) to create a #noxenophobia…

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