George thinks that only lonely people
take walks.
He might be right, but I wasn’t
going to let him have it so I made him come with me on one of my legendary
walks. Before you start drawing conclusions, George Baiya is the photographer I
worked with on this post. A lovely reader commented and asked for the full
pictures of my outfit from that day and here I am making good on my promise.
Luckily for you guys George had his camera out most of the way. I couldn’t stop
laughing the entire time, at one point there was grass poking in high places.
Our walk led us to Matbronze Wildlife Gallery and Foundry where believe or not
we discovered the ladies room with the best lighting on this planet. Now don’t
go drawing up conclusions we just wanted to let the men in on the reason all
girls go to the bathroom at once. Yes you guessed it to take selfies!
I was wearing a lovely bodycon
dress and my mother’s Kimono that perfectly tones down the sexiness of the dress. It is just the right amount of chill for a day that’s not too
sunny and not too cold either. Of course the statement necklace took the outfit
up a couple of notches and was just the right amount of elegance this outfit
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comment below, I always love hearing from you.
Kimono & Dress- Adams Arcade | Belt- Gikomba | Sandals- Gifted | Metal Cuff, Earrings & Neckpiece- Dubois Road |
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