What am I doing at Coke Studio Africa?

If I got a hundred bob for every time someone has asked me this question!!! I would have gotten me an Iphone 6, Macbook Air, Ipad Mini Air you get the gist of it. (That is my secret wishlist, Santa make it happen) I do not sing, that’s for sure…I write. I don’t know if anyone has realized just how much I enjoy writing. About two months ago I got the opportunity to undertake a mentorship program under B.A.K.E (Bloggers’ Association of Kenya) and Coca-Cola. I almost did not accept it but then the type of friends I have would not let me pass up such an opportunity.

My experience so far has been phenomenal. From the posts on Instagram it seems like it has been a lot of fun and it has! Believe me if you ever told me that I would be in the same room as Neyo three months ago I would probably have screamed at you GERRRAURAHIA! If you said he would be taking selfies on my phone, I would have downright slapped you. He’s alright and yes his lips are just as luscious in person.

Infinix Photos
Ne-yo, Shellmith and I


You know I love to be candid. So when I tell you how fast my heart was racing when Flavor put his hand around me to take a picture you know I’m not kidding. This man’s pheromones are crazy! There must have been something in the jollof rice because after spending an hour with an artist in interviews you get comfortable but then he went and had lunch and suddenly I was feeling nervous? I now understand why all the girls want a piece of him.


These artists are human I can tell you that for free. Navio must have been the class clown well I guess up until he dices you in freestyle. He is charming that’s for sure and very easy on the eyes. Yemi Alade can we be best friends already? This woman is a ball of energy, she is funny and friendly and open to new experience like the name ‘Jaber’ which yours truly was quick to name her. I think all artists just have a certain calm positive aura about them.

I really appreciate how minimal the barriers were and that we were able to interact past the official sessions. That is how I got to meet Zwai Bala over lunch and I don’t know if you know what a big deal he is; I used to sing along to TKZee’s music when I was younger. You probably did too and if you are like me you obviously got the lyrics to most of their songs wrong but here I was having lunch with one third of this group; talking, laughing and him showing me funny videos and pictures of his son .

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The Zwai Bala

Juliana Kanyomozi is all too familiar with Kenyans having been a judge on Tusker Project Fame for past seasons. She is truly more beautiful in person and has only good things to say about Kenyans. Speaking of Kenyans, I must admit I did go into this project feeling skeptical about our artists capabilities, do not get me wrong we have some great artists. Some of them are doing really well and manage to stay relevant in the industry dominated by Afro-beat. That is how JuaCali and I got into a debate about Genge. Being the very first artist to grace my first in my teens, I was more than happy to engage him in this discussion.

King of Genge, Jua Cali and me of course


The million dollar question that we have been asking ourselves this entire experience is why Nigerian music is doing so well. Alicia Keys is shot in a clip dancing to Wizkid’s Ojuelegba; Rihanna is also seen dancing and singing along to Flavor’s Prokoto and so many other Nigerian artists are collaborating with big names in the Global industry. Genius producer and beatmaker, Masterkraft from Nigeria tried to demystify this for us. He is a man of few words and he need not say much because his work speaks for him.

Infinix Photos2
With Masterkraft from Nigeria

 Another artist who to be honest is such a darling is G2 from Mozambique. He is still perfecting the English language but you can tell that Africa will love him. The ladies in the audience did and why wouldn’t you when he sounds like he is serenading you in his songs and speech. Take time to check him out on YouTube.

Maurice Kirya, nothing but love for him. He was so patient with the fans and very calm and easy. It’s no wonder he writes so beautifully.

Maurice Kirya and I

I just thought I would give a brief recap of what I have been up to. I not only got the chance to interact with musicians but there are more people who come together to create this production. I have made new friends and learned so much on this experience. The fashion bit of things was exciting, I do wish I kept a Vlog. You can catch articles on the Coke Studio Blog and on Kristynotes YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the actual show when it records later this year. Between you and me, I specifically kept away from the recording shows because I want to be surprised along with you when it airs on TV.

The one important lesson I have learned throughout this experience is to ALWAYS CHASE YOUR DREAMS.


It’s new beginnings all round, there will be changes over time but you can all now leave comments showing your love. I always appreciate your feedback.


  • esolioEsolio

    The sefies are to die for. Good job Grace

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you so much. Ne-yo makes everyone look good!

  • Meron Dymphana

    Good for you Grace! Keep up the good work doll. All the best!

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Meron. You keep up the great work as well!

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  • Queen

    How about you retire as you have already made it in life! hehe

    • Grace Ndiege

      Hahaha! I wish my ceiling is so much higher I have never been afraid of my dreams.

  • Natasha Ahere

    Grace, congrats for going .com. You have great friends, your experience sounds amazing…I’m jealous you got to meet Flavor and Ne-yo hehe. Cheers to new beginnings! P.s really liking the outfit with the orange blazer, cute!

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Tasha, I wear the jacket all the time it’s almost abused! Will definitely do a post here soon.

  • maryan

    you do have awesome friends coz i would have killed for such an opportunity…stay blessed n fly

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Maryan. I am thankful everyday for them.

  • kenbonyo

    I like the blog UI. Looks appealing. And the article : am jealous of all those selfies you have

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Ken. I’m sure you have a growing collection yourself!

  • kimarublogger

    Awesome Read !!!!!! You should definitely write more ! #Inspired

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you so much Kimaru for the compliment. I will try and do more of that.