I recently shared this picture of myself on Instagram with my nose buried in my phone. That is the position in which you are likely to find me 11o% of the day. I am obsessed with social media.

Today I take a turn for something different. I will be sharing with you my favorite Apps to use and the reason I never put down my phone. I am currently using the Infinix HotNote which I have had for about three months now. I ordered it through Jumia who took two days to deliver my new baby. Prior to this my phone was two years old, barely enough memory and literally falling apart at the sides. When I went phone shopping I knew what specifications exactly I was looking for. I definitely want an upgrade (Santa an Iphone would suit me well) but until my good pockets are lined with cash I will make the best out of this one.

The camera is great! All the pictures from THIS POST were taken on it and the battery life is a dream. Let’s get down to business.



This is a photo editing App.

All the artistic people and photographers use it to get that Tumblr effect that you get on Instgram. I love it, the filters are great very minimalist, I use it to Square my images and dial down on color temperature and fix exposure. You might have to get a YouTube tutorial to understand this one but once you do, you will yourself running to it as often as I do. If you are already familiar with Pro editing Apps however this should be a breeze.

I rate this 9/10. It would be a 10 if I could pay for more presets via MPesa.


Like VSCOCam this is also a photo editing App.

You might find this easier to use than VSCOCam in that the filters are have names and are easier to apply. It is great because you can make quick fixes to your pictures without having to go through many presets like in VSCOCam. If you’re using Adnroid you might have to crop your images in order for them to fit Instagram.

I rate this 8/10 just because I like to think I’m artistic.



At this point I probably appear to be vain and superficial.

It is a social media App just for uploading pictures and videos and on which every single person in the 21st Century is on. I go here for inspiration. As a lover of fashion and everything beautiful I love to look at beautifully arranged flatlays, food, sceneries, architecture, vacations and most importantly FASHION. Unlike Facebook, I like to keep my feed very interesting. Make sure you follow me to keep up with my feed.

I rate this 10/10 I can’t stop refreshing my feed.


Snapchat logo


I love love love Snapchat.

Most people have a hard time getting the hang of this, I got a midnight tutorial  from Foreigner when I first joined. It was much harder then because you had to hold down the screen if you wanted to watch something. I find that it is covert and if you are cheeky you can get away with sending cheeky pictures to others. It is real time and has minimal filter, my only complaint is that the video quality is terrible on Android devices. My account is private though just because I find it a little to personal to share with the world unlike other Fashion Bloggers, restricting this one to just the people in my phonebook.

I rate this 6/10 until I get an Iphone then its going to be a 10/10



I love my music as much as I love my food and fashion.

I love my old school reggae songs but unlike pop or rock or the more contemporary African music I can never tell the titles of songs from my childhood. Shazam ensures  that I find the songs easily especially when I am in public transportation. You don’t know how much I enjoy listening to that dancehall beat with all the extra BOOM TWAFF at home. Of course, as soon as I download the music I treat all my Snappers to a little dancing on a goodnight.

I rate this 5/10 I wish I could download the songs without having to sign up for an account. I have too many passwords and I can barely keep up with of them.



Most phones come with a default Music player.

I installed this one. I don’t know why exactly I love this App just that I do. It might be me but I think it filters the beat thoroughly so much so you hear every single beat. It doesn’t matter the quality of the download. If the artist is crap there’s not fixing that. I am terrible at singing, worse with lyrics but I have a great ear for beats which is why I find Sauti Sol’s Shake Your Bum Bum too confusing. It reminds me of too many songs at the same time.

9/10 I wish I knew how to share songs on this App or if I could figure out how to sync it to all my Android devices (the option for iOS is available).



Ladies, this App is so much better than those diaries given to us by Always in Primary School and having to manually count every date before your next period.

It does the math for you, keeps notes of those special days and other exceptional days (keeping it PG13). I like to plan my calendar year around that time of the month. Just because I tend to have a heavy attack of the cramps so I would rather sit alone in bed than be angry around people. There’s a version of this App for all operating systems, make sure you get the most use out of yours yours.

I rate this 5/10 It has really annoying ads that pop up all over the place.

Feel free to download any of these from Google PlayStore. Most of these Apps were first available for Apple but I don’t think Windows supports them. You can also check out Photogrid for Collages on Android and Afterlight for editing on Apple iOS and Pintrest for both if you are just looking for inspiration. I definitely want to hear which of these Apps you have already tried, your favorite one and which ones I should check out.

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  • i love love this post … thank you for the info .

    • Grace Ndiege

      I am glad you enjoyed it Jackie. Share your experience with me when you do try them out.

  • Infinix is the truth,am yet to get how snap chat work *hides* .Loving your photos hun

    • Grace Ndiege

      Hahaha get on the bandwagon already, we have been expecting you for too long.