Wedding season has officially began!

If I learned anything from my sister and mother it’s that weddings are the place to put your best foot forward. Growing up around these two means that I have picked up so many of my shopping habits and sometimes items from their wardrobes.

I have always had my eye on this shift dress ever since my mother bought it two years back. She wears it as a dress top but it goes all the way down to my knees and has the biggest boldest bell sleeves. The color is perfect like grape but not quite and the beading detail around the neck is to die for, no need for accessories. I did want to create a Grecian effect with the double gold cuff and pointed toe heels.

The best bit about the dress is not all the dazzling details, it is the scent that it carries of my mum. If I do not catch that bouquet at least I will look great trying.

Dress- Mum | Gold cuff – Mr. Price (sold as pair)| Sunglasses case – Mr. Price | Shoes – Soko Kuu | Sunglasses – Dubois Road | Rings – Dubois Road Lips: Vault by Dillish in Chiraz Face: Suzie Beauty Location: Stone Artz Exhibition

IMG_1894 IMG_1914IMG_1918.jpg The weight on my headIMG_1904.jpg legs detailIMG_1897