Dress- Thrift| Neckpiece, Rings & Clutch – Dubois | Shoes- Desire Dress Code | Earrings- Roberto Paggio| Lips – Nouba No 46

One of my friends asked me how many weddings I attend. I just threw my head back, had a good laugh. Brace yourself guys its open season,we are on until December!

Have you ever realized how women often look forward to weddings. Most women are pushed to dress up and go look for husbands at these weddings. Some like me just enjoy the paparazzi shots, I never buy those pictures. I just enjoy practicing for when I do start getting the real paps. Why do you think single women are called upon to catch bouquets? It’s not so the DJ can play Beyonce’s Single Ladies, well it is partly but usually it’s so that they can be seen and catch the eyes of men. I mean those six inch heels only ever see the light of day during wedding season, otherwise they are very comfortable traversing Nairobi Night Life, twerking at 1824…eating sausage choma outside of Bacchus…running after a friend at the basement of SkyLuxx. You get me.

Can the society please tell men to bring their single friends to weddings. Can the society also tell these guys that after all those girls try to catch the bouquet and fail you could still go up to one of them and you know drop a line! Nobody wants to spend the whole day going round and round the wedding grounds in circles dancing to all sorts of ridiculous music for you not to appreciate the effort. I could have stayed home and bought more shoes online. In fact I suggest the MC make everyone sit boy-girl like our class teachers in primary school did. It was a punishment then but I am sure we all want to meet someone new.

Madness aside, I wore this shift to my cousin’s wedding a while back. I certainly swear by shift dresses especially for weddings. This piece believe it or not is a thrift find. The colours are so rich and vibrant. You could pick up any small colour and bring it out with the accessories. I wanted to show the pinks and reds. I think I might do a post showing you how to do that.

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Photography- Faith the Dynamite Location – StoneArtz Gallery


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  • Job Kiruhi

    single men should attend weddings too.

    • Grace Ndiege

      Hahaha they do or rather they should be pushed to.

  • Mary S Mugure

    i love the dress and how you accessorized it

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Mary!

  • love the dress

  • stunning
    love the accessories :)

    • Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Wanjiru