Popped in to say GOODBYE for a month before I exit stage on the left.No I am not yet about to quit the blog!

Bar exams are in exactly 7 days on the 16th of November and I am going through the NEGOTIATION phase where I am trying to read only what I think is likely to come. It is a very naughty thing to do but like the human that I am procrastination is my best friend. Of course this is when my creative side decides to show up because when I need to be studying all these ideas for the blog have been popping into my head. My mind is definitely more productive under pressure. I cannot wait for those gruesome days to be over so I can execute! Can you believe we are sitting a different paper everyday for 9 units and each is as complex as the next. All I ask is that you say a little prayer as I will be operating on zero sleep and minimal sanity.

How long it has taken me to get on the distressed jeans bandwagon? I almost live in these! They have a simple distressed knee which is just the right amount of trendy without looking homeless. I once found a pair with the entire left hip cut out you might have thought I had been attacked by a rabid dog on my way out of the house. The best way to take casual to the next level is with a pair of heels and a Chanel inspired Boy Bag. My outfit is classic Khloe Kardashian, she knows her way around a pair of jeans and heels. The aviators are very gangster and she has been known to rock cornrows too. I just brought it home. Keep on the look out for a GIVEAWAY post here on the blog soon.

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Jeans- House of Glitz & Glam | Shoes- Primark (Gifted) | Bag- (Gifted) | Watch – Germany

|Rings- Dubois Road | Sunglasses Case – Mr. Price | Earrings- Roberto Paggio (Duty Free) | Hair_by_Rhea

Photography Cathy DSC_0097DSC_0131


DSC_0173 DSC_0152DSC_0167

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