‘Tis the season people!

‘Tis really the season and I am feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I can’t explain why but I feel like having a tree, putting up trimming and sipping lemon tea with cinnamon.

I need a white Christmas in my life, maybe next year. In the spirit of giving I wanted to bless my subscribers with a few bits and bobs just to say thank you for the love and support.

I have been playing with make up from an early age and I remember collecting SHOUT magazines so I could get eyeshadow and create my own looks.

Over time I have grown and mastered some skill since but I started somewhere. I would like to share with you this gift and hope that as the year start you begin a journey of your own with make up. It is not something you wake up being good at, it takes time and patience but you need to start. So I’ll be giving away the following things. to FOUR lucky winners:


If you are the girl that loves to play with eye-shadow these 6 brushes definitely for you. You will be able to use this to create different make-up look and the angled brush is perfect for gel liner or for filling in your eyebrows with eyebrow powder. There are also blending brushes which can be used for eye-shadow or if you are advanced in make-up contouring your nose. These really will grow with you and your needs.




This is definitely for the beginner who wears little to no make up. It is a 7 piece brush set with an eye-brow grooming brush, eye-shadow brushes and a simple powder brush to help fight the oil.

You will love these brushes if your make-up routine involves basic eye-shadow, groomed eyebrow and a compact powder. I am giving away two of these one in red another in black. They even come with a pouch perfect for carrying everyday in your purse.


IMG_20151217_135122 IMG_20151217_134749


Eyebrows on fleek has been the statement of the year in 2015. Don’t be left behind come 2016, if you are bad at filling your eyebrows you can use these four stencils as a guide.

They are good for either your brow pencil, powder or pomade you just need to color within the lines and brush your eyebrows out so that they blend seamlessly.


In order to win you have to follow a few simple steps:

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  5. Comment down below with your email and which GIVEAWAY item you would love to win!

Okay ready when you are this GIVEAWAY will close on 26th December and winners will be announced on 30th December. All the best! Don’t forget to share this post on your timeline so that you and your friends win.

This GIVEAWAY is only open to persons residing in Kenya.

  • Meron Dymphana

    If I asked for the makeup brush set right now I would be mocking your intelligence because I am way too late but I have to conclude that I finally found the secret to your ever amazing eye brows, I need to get me that eyebrow stencil asap!!! I am officially stalking your blog for more give aways!!

  • kennedy kariuki

    Merry christmas

  • kennedy kariuki

    I too would love the brush set. Hope am nt late.

  • Hellen Kariuki
    I’d really love to win the Basic brush set.
    #Christmas comes early#

  • Kristynotes

    A basic set brush would do. Crashing on your blog lately. You have come a long way .

  • Akuku Wandera

    Hi Grace, finally found my way to this comments section after a long struggle, I am sure, I am not late. I would really love to have the basic brush set. Its on my coveted list and I have been saving up for it. I would really be grateful if I got it. It is essential for a
    beginner like me. Or I just wish I got everything. Heehehehe. The basic brush set is essential for a beginner. Enjoy your x-mas and please be my santa?

  • lucille kemmy

    The Basic Brush Set please….

  • Almasi

    basic eye brow set will be fine. i have just started this amazing eyebrow journey and that will be an amazing addition to my slowly building love of doing m eyebrows and MAKEUP. Santa please leave something in my stocking, you know the one written Almasi and bonus ,i have been a good girl.

  • Linda

    The Basic Brush Set please..God knows how much I need it..please be my Santa this Christmas..:-) :-)
    This would also be a perfect early birthday gift.. *crossing my fingers*

  • Job Kiruhi

    Basic brush set will do.

    • grace alice Ndiege

      Hahaha of course it will suit you perfectly

  • Daisy

    My life would be snatched entirely if I win the Eyeshadow Brush Set! :))
    That would the best Christmas gift yet. P.s your blog is amazing. Love it!

    My email address:

  • Nature & Style Event
    I’d love to win the Basic Brush Set.