Love is falling in love with brands…

VivoActivewear is one of the Kenyan brands I have come to fall in love. They have proven themselves when it comes to taking care of women of all sizes.

This dress has been a beauty to wear, but I’m sure the question on your mind is what bra did I wear with this dress? Underwear is very important when putting together an outfit.

For this shoot I admit I was wearing none *tongue in cheek. Any other time especially in public I recommend nipple covers or a  silicon bra.

Today, one more time I wore the convertible dress this time with an open back. I must admit discovering new ways to style it is an adventure.

So I will let you get your dress in whatever color and then we can revisit this dress a few months for now and I can show you how to be conservative and wear it to church.

For now let me know what you are doing this Valentine’s Day. What you are going to wear and if you are planning on buying this dress from Vivo.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Blackgold Photography

HAIR: Hair_byRhea

DRESS: VivoActivewear


SHOES: Adams





  • Job Kiruhi

    awesome attire. About Valentine’s Day, I am from the village and do not indulge in public exposure of affection.

    • grace alice Ndiege

      Hahaha I absolutely respect your decision to do so or not do so…