Did anyone ever tell you that looking for employment is a real job in itself. Unpaid of course! Every 100 steps walked should count for a month and be added to work experience.

After five years training you would think employment would be excited to see you. Receive you at the finish line with an attractive package including benefits.

This is not the case, I speak for myself and thousands of graduates still on the market. Don’t panic.

There is an education to this process I would like to think. I don’t know whether it is safe to make a confession of the trials I have gone through this far seeing as I am still searching.

Like the time when that one person suggested I include, my marital status and religion in my CV. Apparently it is important to an employer to establish whether you are single or otherwise engaged before they can offer you training.

I was under the impression that education enough and maybe personality would suffice.

And what’s with the legal profession and failing to return emails? I’m sure there is a nosy secretary with nothing better to do who can draft a simple, ‘We received your email but currently have no vacant positions’.

Also someone needs to educate on environmental sustainability. Imagine how many trees have died for to make hard copies of that application. It is only fair that the only paper harmed is documentation carried to an interview.

Did I tell you about that time I froze during an interview and gave a bullshit definition of legal capacity. I have never wanted to storm back into a room more and seize the day more.

I probably should have.

I have to admit the break has been welcome. The last five years have been somewhat hellish. Mornings spent awake in bed for hours exploiting the internet thoroughly and working on personal projects have me grateful.

It makes self employment look very attractive. I have been unpacking for the last three months, because that’s just the kind of person that I am.

My creative juices have been on overdrive. I am on the brink of becoming King Midas only instead of touch I tag at the nozzle of gold spray paint. White and gold everything.

The blog has suffered immensely from neglect but it looks like I finally found that drive. So lucky for you, there will be more content. Oh and guess what I turn 24 on Monday!!

I’ll leave with pictures from a couple of my projects, and look out for another post in the week. Remember to SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW ME on social media.

Let me know what your eperience has been with employment so far, finding it and how it’s working out for you or what you have been doing to pass time.


IMG-20160216-WA0002[1] Did these for my nephew’s cake smash photo shoot, I could probably do it for a birthday or baby shower. Feel free to let me know if you will be needing my services (at a fee of course).



  • And the brush holders are super cool

  • Those brushes are everything!! I so want them … help a sister out haha

  • FromCurvesWithLove

    I love the frames and the pictures! Do you sell?

    • Hey Anita thank you! Not at the moment but I just might, I have a few more that I am yet to complete before I start. I will let you know via email.

  • Job Kiruhi

    Nice post. Looking for pupilage has been a depressing experience. Imagine being called for interviews and being interviewed by pupils younger than me. Those idiots even have the temerity to ask about my family. Nevertheless, the framed artwork look awesome. Did you draw them?

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  • Achieng

    Tell me more about the framed pieces?