Let me tell you about 21st Century kids…

We recently celebrated my nephew’s first birthday. To be honest I think of him as my baby  too. After all I went through labor and have been there during most of his milestones.

The funniest thing happened during his cake smash shoot which I mention in the last post.

He refused to smash the cake!

Allow me to take you back to the planning of this photo-shoot which took weeks of major planning…more 21st Century problems. Themes, outfits and cake designs decisions are very important!

On the actual day when the photographer arrived our little performer was amped up and in his zone. He is a natural in front of the camera, you can blame it on the amount of selfies we take…again 21st Century manenos.

Throughout the shoot we delayed the moment before he could smash the cake. Photographers must do their thing after all, taking before pictures. He kept racing towards it and we kept holding him back, racing towards but being caught just in time.

So finally the big moment comes, baby in his esquire t-shirt and bow-tie (I assure you it is very stylish) has the cake placed before him. I was on standby with my Snapchat story, mummy with her phone, daddy on his phone.

Photographer on cue.

But Baby T suddenly has performance anxiety. He refused to smash the cake. In fact he started running away from it. When we tried to lure him towards it he became upset and started screaming.

It took a good hour before he could figure out that it was something edible and better still that he should smash it. The chuckles of glee that followed were worth the wait.

Imagine how hard it was to convince him not to smash the actual cake for his party a few hours later!

Hold on this story is going somewhere…you know we writers love to take you round in circles.

I turn 24 on Monday!

On many levels, it feels like I have the blueprint to life in theory but in reality I want to run away from the big moment. Hide behind the curtains for few more minutes and delay stepping out on stage and starting the show.

The transition into adulthood is exciting and scary all at once.

You get used to a system and structure and books and exams that being out here with free time makes you uneasy. So much so you toy with signing up for a Masters just because you are used to the security of being in school.

Can you survive on being a student for life!

Or your entire life you have been told, Don’t talk to boys! But when you look around your friends are getting married and having babies and the boys are no longer boys, they are men.

How did that happen?

Worse still you suddenly start to feel the pressure from social media. Socialites are buying houses, your peers are globe trotting and making names in their chosen paths.

Is your life really that boring?

You have probably tried different ventures but nothing seems to pay off. Nobody recognizes your hard work. Your family does not show you support so you give up on your dream.

Will it really feed you?

When you finally get into that job you have been dreaming of. The workload robs you of your social life. It does not seem as exciting as you expected from the outside and worse the pay, if they are paying you at all, is a joke.

Is it really worth it?

Well, I don’t know what is on the other side of the year for me. All I know is that this year, I have stopped being afraid of living.

I am taking risks and making memories! I choose to say yes to opportunities that scare me and instead enjoy the ride. After all my failures will make for good stories for the blog.

After all who knows, I may have been working up to the biggest moments of my life! I refuse to age in any other way but like fine wine.

Expect some changes, outfit posts resume next week.


Just in case you are running low on inspiration watch this…


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  • Ken Bonyo

    Looking forward to the changes on the blog ☺

    • Grace Ndiege

      Me too, a little nervous I hope it is well received.