Building a make up kit is probably the next fundamental bit about creating your closet. Not only do people judge you from the way you clothes look but overall how well you are put together.

Statistics prove that people tend to trust attractive people even when they are lying more than someone who is unsightly. Unfair maybe but this is the world we live in.

I believe in enhancement of my own features and as such have been learning over the years how to do my own make-up.

A  great place to start experimenting is with foundation. It is the base of your overall look. Depending on your needs and budget there are various types to choose from.

Creme to Powder: My first foundation was a creme to powder from Sleek. This is the type of foundation that glides seamlessly and rarely looks like you are wearing any make up. These are slightly cheaper than most other foundations and a great place for beginners to start.

The downside is that you can only use the sponge that comes with the foundation to apply it. These sponges can get dirty and are hardly ever washable.

I highly recommend Sleek which retails for about  Ksh. 1700 and it covers a wide range of skin tones particularly dark skin.

Stick Foundation: I only recently started experimenting with this type and I have to admit it is not my favorite. While it works for most other people but I feel like it moves a lot and does not stay in place all day.

The best way to apply this is by buffing (pushing it into your skin rather than spreading it out) and works well with a flat top stippling brush.

Prices range between Black Opal at Ksh. 2050 and Black Up at Ksh 4000/4500

Liquid foundation: My favorite to use and I believe the easiest once you figure out how to blend it thoroughly.

Liquid foundations tend to be very flexible when it comes to tools to apply. The best way to apply this from experience is your fingers. I have found this very useful over the years especially before I acquired any brushes.

The flat top stippling brush (Black with silver handle in photo) is my go to not because I usually forget to wash my hands and touch my outfit while getting ready but also because it gives a great finish.

The beauty blender is quite common and comes highly recommended. However this only works if you get the right brand because others tend to be stiff and do not absorb water and therefore cannot blend the product.

The foundation brush is the flat brush that looks like a painters brush. This is the one tool you need to be extremely careful with simply because it just spreads the product on your face but does not necessarily blend it into your skin. You might need to go back in with your fingers.

Affordable liquid foundations: Black radiance Ksh. 700, Suzie Beauty Ksh. 1400, Black Opal 2550

More expensive brands: MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, Iman and Black Up which range from Ksh. 3,500-5,500

Pisces22 foundationPhotography: Mwachala Photography

Pictured Products:

Suzie Beauty: Suzie Beauty Stands

Black Opal stick foundations: Lintons Beauty World

Beauty Sponges: similar here

Flat all black foundation brush: Soko Kuu

Stippling foundation brush: AliExpress alternatively Jumia

Black & Gold Foundation Brush: TBeautyPlanet

**All the products listed are available in Kenya or ship to Kenya

Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below, let me know which are your preferred products and how much is too much when it comes to make up.

Happy Easter!