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Talk about click bait NO MY BOSS IS NOT HORRIBLE I AM!

I had these photos taken a while back but I absolutely hated them. I did not feel like the photographer and I were on the same page on many aspects so the photos did not particularly come out the way I wanted them. What I didn’t understand was that he has his style of photography which meant that although I had expectations that he knew exactly what I wanted but ended up with many shots that I could not use.

Finally a few weeks into my Pupillage I can understand his position. Sometimes I draft documents and they are stripped down from the original that the only thing remaining is an address or the case title (I feel really horrible on those days). Over time I have come to learn my Pupil Master’s style of writing and I strive to master the art. The other day she read a letter I had written and was over the moon. She said in not so many words that I was finally getting the kind of flow each drafted document required.

I recently went back to this folder of photos and I thought, maybe I was too hard on the photographer and he just did not understand what I needed from him at the time and like many of you employed people for a second there I was a horrible boss. The funny thing is the drafting she has been teaching me is showing up in my writing, in her own words, THERE HAS TO BE FLOW, ONE PARAGRAPH MUST LEAD TO THE NEXT!

I am tempted to explain my long disappearance but life has not been too generous with time and energy and rather than whine I’m sure you want to hear how I have recently joined TINDER and living up to my promise of saying YES to new experiences!!! Comment below if you want me to add a series telling all about my experience on the site!

So I’m staying at work a few extra hours not because I have to draft an Appeal that was due yesterday but because I wanted to write this post, I will probably miss my soap at 8 o clock’ yes I am a self-proclaimed soap-dish (that is what I call people who are addicted to telenovelas) but its fine I love you all. Someone please take the time and catch me up on Muchacha Italiana I last watched on Thursday last week. Also is anyone else addicted to Nairobi Diaries like I am?!

I look forward to posting new content soon. I don’t know if you noticed but I already wore this Jumpsuit before here and today I went for a casual spin. As usual I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section and if you don’t follow me on INSTAGRAM you are missing out on all the fun!!!


Jumpsuit – VivoActivewear : Beaded neckpiece- Toi Market : Cocktail Ring (old) – Maasai Market




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  • grace alice Ndiege

    Thank you Crystal!

  • grace alice Ndiege

    Thank you Liz, That’s part of the reason I was not too keen on using the photos. After almost two hours we mostly had just portraits