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I got so much love on the this post! Clearly more than one person has been burned trying to get themselves settled in a relationship.

I honestly did not think I would be posting twice this week things got real in my little world. I was reminded that life is fleeting and you need to get on with living our dreams and make the most of the time that you have!!!

I have been out so of it lately to be honest and I have to admit there will not be many outfit posts but there should be more diverse posts over time. I tend to post daily looks on Instagram so make sure follow me on there. Can we get me to 5000 followers by end of June?

Today we will be discussing powders, last time we set a base over which all products go when we discussed foundation. This week we are going a little into powders. Sleek translucent powder is probably the first face product I ever used. I was in Uni and reluctant to face foundation so I worked with what I had seen my sister use.

Powder is the quickest fix to an oily face but also the fastest road to ashy face hell. It is very important that you get it right lest you be stuck in powdered hell.

Over time I have come to appreciate and use more loose than compact powder and even dabbled in a few different brands. I find it easier to control because you can tap off the excess and add on in layers when you need to.

Forever Living’s mineral make-up was my very first and very expensive powder purchase. I love this product which for Ksh 3,500 (currently I stand corrected) works amazing on every skin type. It absorbs well into the skin and sort of glows after some time. It is not the best to set under eye highlight because it settles into the creases and after sometime you need to touch up.

Black Opal I find is somewhat the holy grail for dark skin and at Ksh 2050 a great bargain for the working girl. They have a wide range of products, I am addicted to the Deluxe Finishing Powder currently which is great for daily wear.

Their blotting powder which is more compact also comes highly recommended. The white finishing powder however I advise to be used with precaution, it might not be the best for photos as you end up looking like a ghost despite looking okay in person.

MAC blotting powder is a little on the more expensive side retailing for about Ksh 3850 (last I checked) is a great option for darker skin women.

MAC Compact powder which I have been using lately is now part of my Holy Grail.It has more coverage than your average translucent powder Both of these MAC products are in small compact cases which makes it easier to carry around and reapply during the day as opposed to loose powder which tend to spill and make a mess of your make-up bag.

SLEEK translucent powder is my favourite for beginners on a budget (Ksh 1200) it is compact which means you can pop it in your school bag and dab on as the day progresses. Another cheap option is Black Radiance which has a variety of shades for dark skin and winning in price at Ksh 750.

Baby Powder: I tested a beauty hack recommended on YouTube as an alternative to highlight powder. For as low as Ksh 80, this is what I thought would be the cheapest option if it worked to SACHA and Ben-Nye Setting Powders. I found that in person this looked great and worked effortlessly well to set my highlight. The stay power is amazing I wore at around noon and my photos with Idris were taken at 10PM or later at the Airtel Trace Stars launch.

However, being dark skinned it did give me an ashy halo in photos. I don’t know why I was  surprised though they do use powder to make dark people look like ghosts (not throwing shade at Nyota Ndogo but…)

Photo by Mwachala Photography
Photo by Mwachala Photography
Notice the ashy undereyes and Larry Madowo tearing into a piece of chicken behind us LOL

I came up with a few tips that should help you out with using powders:

  1. Use a large fluffy brush to apply: rather than pack all the powder on your face to create that cakey look, a brush takes most of the product off giving a very thin natural layer as opposed to the sponge that most powders come with.
  2. Check out brushes from Trisha Beauty Planet
  3. Brushes are more hygienic to use than sponges simply because they wash better. Sponges often break apart when you try to clean them while brushes can be cleaned an reused.
  4. Use small triangular sponges with powder to set your highlight areas. These are often disposable or if re-useable easier to clean than the sponge that come with the powder.
  5. Reapply powder maybe once or twice during the day. Powder unlike foundation does not always stay all day. However too much reapplication does make it look cakey.
  6. Always tap off  excess powder from the brush first before applying to your skin. A little really goes a long way.
  7. Use powder to correct mistakes made with blush, contouring and highlight.