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I love to keep people guessing, its the part of my persona that makes me Pisces!

To my friends on Facebook I am funny, to my friends  in the Hooligans I am the blonde,  the groups of bloggers I roll with and close friends probably think I am a sarcastic bitch, my law school friends  might tell you that I am passionate (about fashion) and laid-back (with the legal stuff), to strangers I am a snub (I am shy that’s just the truth), to yet another group of people I am this smart ambitious young lady with lots of potential.

It all depends on when and where we interact then you will probably have your own opinion of who I am. Very few people even my own relatives know who I am really am.

Like my personality, I love to reinvent my style to suit my whims and character for the day.  I love the challenge of experimenting with different styles and tweaking them to mesh with my very simple elegant look. If you have been following me on Instagram then you definitely have seen how I have been playing around with turbans and athleisure.

Today I am back testing the waters with athleisure. At this point I think I am pretty confident with the trend. For those who are not aware, athleisure is the mix of sports wear as fashion pieces. Designers in looking for inspiration are now borrowing from sports in terms of fabric the mesh of jerseys, the numbers on jerseys and neoprene of swim suits in mainstream non-sports wear clothes.

Sneakers and more comfortable footwear such as slip on sandals are also common in the fashion streets just search #AdidasSuperstars #Pumalife or#NewBalance on Instagram to educate yourself. Joggers with worn heels and made out of silk and other fancier fabrics are being worn away from the gym and caps are no longer just hats to cover a bad hair day. Sports wear is taking over, the time has come when you can wear your snug sweatpants out of the house and be on trend.

(A-line skirt above is made of black neoprene fabric and white mesh, the number 88 on the clutch bag and stripes are typical on a jersey not fashion pieces)

Today’s look is a dabble in the same trend, the shirt dress (very different from the last time I wore a shirt dress) I have on is striped in the way only baseball shirts can be striped and thrown over a body-con dress easily acts as a kimono and ties down with the sneakers to create the quickest casual look. I wore this to run errands on Eid ul fitr  and ended up at a wine tasting event at the Best Western Rooftop, because I’m gangster like that!

Here’s a challenge, try a new trend, change your hair, wear red lipstick! Do something different that you would not normally do.

Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing news!



Dress also worn HERE

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  • Job Kiruhi

    Lovely pic from a laid back lawyer. hehe.

  • Meron Dymphana

    Why is there a stranger at the gate, I say stranger because I don’t know who that is. At first I thought you were a snub when we met but because of facebook I think you are a scribe#law stuff and funny, well I hope to know the other personalities as time goes by and am shy too, so we have that in common. The athleisure trend is hot and I love how you have incorporated it in the two outfits. You look chic in the 2nd one and elegant in the 1st one….shades of fashion! Great photos by the way!!

    • grace alice Ndiege

      Thank you Meron!

  • Elle Okumu

    Love the look.Nice.

    • grace alice Ndiege

      Thank you Elle so do you! I have been secretly fan girling you

  • Shiko

    I loove this look, I love the other look with the neoprene skirt.. I’m also really feeling athleisure this year. Keep slaying

    • grace alice Ndiege

      You better get you some athleisure then and then grace us with a lovely blog post

  • Wanjiru Mungai

    First your hair looks good and the outfit is on point but why is your brother photobombing like dat doe? and to me you’re a shade thrower for daaaays i live for those days.

    • grace alice Ndiege

      The day was full of drama that’s why he was photo bombing. I noticed that I don’t even work hard to throw that shade it’s so scary how natural it comes to me