Why You Should Start Prom Dress Shopping Early

Is your prom coming up in the next 12 – 18 months? No doubt you have started thinking about your dress – the color, the design, the accessories and more. To make your prom dress shopping experience as exciting and stress-free as possible, we are giving you the lowdown on the best time to start shopping for your dress.

  • When to Start Prom Dress Shopping

The best time to start is in January. This may seem too early, and you may not even be having your prom until May, but when it comes to shopping for the perfect dress, the early bird catches the best choices.

  • Avoid Last-Minute Shopping

While starting in January may seem too early for others, some dress stores will already have begun stocking their racks with prom dresses. Starting early means you can take your time sifting through the options, and you will have all the time to make up your mind. So if you can’t decide between chiffon or satin, red or purple, you don’t have to rush to make a decision and regret it later. Another benefit of shopping early is that you can avoid that last-minute rush that other girls go through. Prom dress shopping is competitive, and the red carpet styles sell out first. If you want your dream dress, start hunting soon. Make sure to check out www.promdressshop.com for trendy prom dresses as they have a wide array of dresses to choose from.

The Logistics of Dress Shopping

  • Pre-order. Many prom dress stores now allow you to pre-order your dress. If you look at their website and see something you like or brands that they carry, you can pre-order.
  • Many clothing stores will let you put your dress on layaway. You can pay it off with a little amount at a time. Placing it on layaway is the perfect method to make sure you get the dress you have been dreaming of while you are still able to save up for it. It also means you have a little more time to budget for accessories, beauty treatments and hair styling you may want to get for your big night.
  • Special orders. If you found the dress you love and the store doesn’t have the right size or shade available, you could ask the store to place it on a special order. This is worth knowing especially when you choose a dress with a very popular You may need to place the dress in a special order so you can get the size or color you want in time for the prom.

The Benefits of Getting Your Prom Dress Early

Many tailors usually need a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks to complete any alterations your dress may require. Have you seen some of these designs here?! When you get your prom dress early, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you still have plenty of time before the big event to shop for jewelry and shoes to complete your ensemble.

And if your prom dress still doesn’t fit right after all the alterations, you will still have plenty of time to have it altered until it perfectly fits you. But, take note that if you have a dress with a more complicated design, the alterations are going to take longer than expected. Corsets, netting, boning, and intricate stitches tend to take longer. You may also pay a higher amount for the alterations. If you don’t have the time to do that, you can always opt for jersey dresses or a formal dress with a very simple lining. This will be inexpensive and quick to modify.

We hope these points have given you the motivation to start your prom dress hunt early!


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