“If I could just fix your eyebrows ma’am.”

You are more aware of people’s eyebrows than you would like to admit. It explains why sometimes you look at a person’s face and think, If only she could do something about those brows everything else would match! Are they too dark, too red perhaps they should not look like letter C or in another case the Nike symbol

On other occasions you cannot stop staring at someone else’s face because there is just something that draws you to it and you can’t quite place a finger on it. EYEBROWS! They frame the face and draw attention to your eyes. Even when you are not wearing any other make up somehow it is more bearable to look at you with properly groomed brows.

90% of the time when I take a selfie I get numerous compliments on my eyebrows. I also recently did a tutorial on my Instastory showing a play by play of how I achieve my everyday brows. Today I will be sharing my tips and products that I love to help you get started on your brows.


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  1. GROOM YOUR EYEBROWSBefore anything else, GROOM! Just like with skin all the products in the world will not help if you do not look after the base. You can either Tweeze, thread, wax whatever method you use ensure that your eyebrows suitably frame your face.Not everyone loves to fill in their brows but looking like and Owl is not an option! Even those with scarce and sparsely placed hairs should groom their eyebrows it make a world of difference when you fill them in.

    A good brush either is key in maintaining groomed brows. Whether you fill them in or not, it is important to always brush them first upwards and then line up the top hairs.

  2. PICK THE RIGHT PRODUCTThe biggest mistake women make is using black to fill in their eyebrows. While your hairs look black the product is not the same shade as our own hair and most of us go over it with a very heavy hand; the result not so appealing to the eye.

    I recommend brown which is available in many different shades to suit different shades of dark skin. Should you opt to go ahead and fill in your eyebrows it is wise to pick product based on two things:

    1. a) Budget
    2. b) Ease of use

    There are three types of products you can choose from: Pencils, Powder and Gel! All three have advantages and disadvantages to them.

    Pencil products are probably the cheapest and range from Kshs. 20 to infinity and beyond. Your reliable Davis Eye-pencil easily accessible and very cheap works perfectly if used correctly. There are three Universal numbers that are tried and tested for this brand No. 3, 18 & 40. They go from dark to light in that order. Other brands like Sleek, Jordanna and Maybelline also make really good pencils.

    Brow powder is also semi cheap depending on the company. A good alternative for brow powder is natural coloured eye-shadow. Rather than buy an expensive product sometimes it is wiser to use whatever you already have for a different purpose than it is intended. A brown eye-shadow easily replaces a brow powder. Use an angled brush and apply it lightly in short strokes and build up on the sparse areas to fill in your brows

    Eyebrow Gel is gaining popularity fast. It requires a lot of precision especially for a first time user and must be cleaned up after (will explain shortly). Like with powder you need a brush for this one and stable hands to wear the product in short light strokes. Pick the right shade of brown and you can get away scot free!

    Pisces22 eyebrows
    Eye-brow powder, gel and pencil with spoolies and brushes

    Or can you?

  3. CONCEALER, THE BEST KEPT SECRETThere is a logical explanation to women who walk around with properly sculpted eyebrows. They look like they used a stencil but the corners are rolled out just right and not too sharp to be mistaken for a NIKE logo.

    Concealing is exactly what it sounds like, hiding. The mistakes f your youth can easily be covered and forgotten with the right concealer. Very popular on the market is L.A Girl Pro-Conceal. Reason being the price point is very affordable and the products are water based meaning they are good for even the sensitive skin types. Secondly they come with a brush that makes spot application easy.

    However this is not the only concealer on the market, Sleek, Black Radiance compete favorably against L.A. Girl Pro-conceal with Sleek being slightly cheaper or about the same price and Black Radiance offering two products for the price of one.

    What concealer does is it cleans the area around the brows making them appear sharper and more pronounced. Picture a tattoo and how it becomes for visible because of the ink, a concealer in the same way plays up the colour of your brows making the dark brown seem darker and your brows neater. I have tried going without it and the difference is noticeable.

    Pisces22 L.A. Girl Concealer, Sleek Concealer, 15 pallet conceler
    Concealer and concealer brushes

    Very important not to forget that it is make-up and therefore blending is a must! Otherwise you will walk around with a halo around your brows and halos we all know look better over your head not just the brows. To avoid this you can use concealer that is the same shade as your skin. A shade lighter does no harm if you blend it.

  4. BONUS: COMPLETE THE LOOK Filled brows look more natural if you brush through them lightly with a spoolie. Sometimes you may have put a lot of product on there and it looks more like the Painted Project that belongs on the wall of a Kindergarten Class than on your face but all things can be fixed.

    Dust over the concealer with a natural color eye-shadow to set it, it is after all a cream product and lasts longer if it is set with powder. You may or may not want to add a highlight in that curve on the inside. I will leave that to you.

    Let me know in the comments below your tips and secrets to getting your eyebrows on fleek! Catch all the other tips to start on make-up here and foundation here and share!


Happy International Women's Day to all of you ladies out there. Let's not slack at whatever we do and keep winning!!

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Wearing LA Girl Dark Cocoa as foundation and Chestnut to define my brows thanks to @makeupaddictionke

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Photo bomb my day one 😘

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  • Almasi

    I like the tricks. Beautiful.


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    Enyewe your eyebrows are just on another level..God knows how much I try to perfect mine :-(
    Thanks for the tips..!


    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

      Thank you. It took time to learn though and years of watching my BFF fill hers in. To date I never fill my own eyebrows if she’s around

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    nice tips…. use of images, even better :)


    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

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