Camo & Shirt Dresses 2017 Trends

I definitely made the most of Shirt dresses in 2016.

I don’t think 2017 will be any different. Shirt dresses are the simplest most comfortable form of clothing ever created.

Built for all occasions depending on the cut and size and perfect for the heat this season,  your wardrobe definitely needs two or three of these in different styles.

In experimenting with the trend I came across this piece by HK_I Clothing that infuses Camo print with modern trends.

I took this straight off the model because even though it is a masculine longline shirt, it can definitely pass for a shirt dress in my books.

I’m tempted to ask all of you to convince your better halves to get themselves a pair just so you can steal it the morning after a sleep over… Wisdom!

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Shoes: BATA Kenya

  • https://theadventuresofcathy.com Cathy

    Love the look. Simple and refreshing.

    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

      Thank you