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Last year my mantra was to MAKE MEMORIES and I did not waste any time pushing for it. My friends and I have been repeating to each other ever since we got back from Lamu that LIFE IS FOR LIVING!

It is something we have been living by ever since and loving every moment.

There is nothing I love more than adventure, growing up I used to go hiking with my friends through the quarry in pursuit of alligators at the nearby sewerage treatment plant/dam. I got into trouble a few times for getting home late without having asked for permission to “roam” but over time my parents allowed a bit of independence as long as I told them where I would be and with whom.

As we grew older and had more appreciation for trips my dad took us on family road trips that were more adventure packed than a beach holiday. These usually involved waking up in the dark, getting lost, meeting new people and finally getting back to wherever was home in the dead of the night only for the same cycle to start a few hours later.

On this morning, I woke up to catch the sunrise in a field close to home after my photographer DEREK sent me a text the previous night asking if I was up for it. I never say no to a beautiful sunrise and plus I am a morning person so I have no trouble getting up early.

I decided to take a leaf off my BFF The Adventures of Cathy and challenge myself to making less excuses and pursuing more adventures. That and the fact that I have come to learn that you do not need to spend money to have fun.

5 a.m Derek calls and lets me know that he will be leaving in 30, my mind could not figure out what to wear. Fast forward to 6:30 a.m. I was waist deep in grass, disturbing half asleep owls and thoroughly enjoying the sunrise with 3 amazing photographers.

This look was a no-brainer, off-the-shoulder top, metallic choker and a fitted midi skirt. Because the sun is sunny and it must be respected and like my adventurous heart I needed to have a taste of some new trends.

It is 2017 my good people, try to live a little!Follow me on Instagram, you never know which new adventure I could be on next… @Pisces_TwentyTwo








  • Job Kiruhi

    the photos are breathe taking.

    • http://pisces22.com Grace Ndiege

      Thank you Job the photographers have amazing eyes.

    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

      Thank you

  • http://www.wanjiruwangethe.me.ke Ms. Shee Art

    this photos! i literally went OMG on the first one and the rest just had me rush to the comment section.
    i loved the post and your spirit towards life is inspiring,
    beautiful post :)


    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

      Aaaaw thank you so much!

  • Soila le Kariuqie

    The sunrise looks good on you lol!! That choker is bomb. Love your adventure stories

    • http://pisces22.com grace alice Ndiege

      Get out and get some sun it looks good on everyone! Thank you…