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The thing about millennials is that we refuse to travel unless it is somewhere Instagrammable.

Views are not views unless we can capture them for our stories to share them with the world on Snapchat and Instagram albeit for 24 hours.We crave to be at one with nature and the interwebs in a symbiotic co-existence that allows us to get away but still remain connected at the same time.

Millennials travel to build their Instagram feeds with adventure. They travel so their friends can follow their progress from behind their devices and sigh with envy. It is an ethnicity that knows no tribe, a culture that exists without any filial ties, a way of life, a way of love for self and an appreciation of our youth.

Naivasha for any millennial is an ideal destination for two reasons. It is not too far away that it requires a shitload of planning and finances. Secondly it offers enough breathtaking views for you to litter your feed with #TakeMeBack and #TBT photos every week and make make your followers hate their own lives and question their purpose for living.

I took my own advice this past weekend when I responded to an email from Kenyan Nomads accepting an invitation to join them on their maiden voyage dubbed #RoadToEnashipai If there is anyone who will wake up, pack up and leave never to come back it is most likely to be me. I will not lie I have considered it many times but my attachment to material luxuries like my shoes, make-up and closet have held me back, that and needing my family to stay sane.

This trip was uneventful except for the fact that when it started I was functioning on two hours of sleep thanks to my friends from Uni who had been enrolled to the bar and because they wanted to be literal about it bought crates of beer at the bar to celebrate. I am the type of friend who will give up my whisky to enjoy beer with my true friends. We’ve definitely been to the ends together and six years of law school has taught us who to owe our loyalties.

I am a safari girl as I have told you lot before. Tracking rhinos, chasing waterfalls and kissing giraffes is at the top on my list for a good time so imagine turning down the chance to frolick in the wild. Invites were accepted, overnight bags packed and we set off. Two hours and two scenic pit stops later we arrived at Enashipai Resort & Spa to our half asleep host Matthew and the enviable breakfast buffet. In his defence he was up at 2 am solving god-knows whatever crisis they had at the resort, I think he was just trying to make us feel bad because emergencies in his working life probably involve shortage of croissants and such trivial luxuries.

If you have seen photos of Enashipai and gasped you really are not prepared for the lush beauty that this resort offers. I’ve said it before an I will say it again, I can live anywhere including the bush as long as it has Wi-Fi; after all the the right to Wi-Fi should be recognized as an inalienable human right. (Toss and turn all the way to Geneva dear ancestors this is our time to live and this is what living means). Enashipai is neither a bush nor is it anywhere but it definitely deserves the humanitarian award for providing a strong internet connection throughout its expansive grounds, everywhere even from its golf cart transport system to right by the lake where hippos graze on the green.

Going the distance for a shot is one of the reasons I enjoy what I do. Living vicariously through my inner child climbing up this acacia tree I couldn’t help but envy my childhood days scaling up any tree took seconds if it meant plucking the best semi-ripe mangoes. The view from this tree on Crescent Island was just breathtaking and could not have been a better preparation for the walk we were about to take with the wildlife. I mean I thought the boat ride across the lake was enough zen for me until I got up this tree without my precious phone or internet.

PHOTGRAPHY: Kanyagia Kuria






Ignoring the fact that I almost fell off the branch and embarrassed myself in front of the deer I can attest the photos were definitely the trouble. Anything for the gram right? We were right next to waterbuck you could catch the latest gossip on which zebra was in heat and just who was chasing after them. We did not encounter any giraffe but I hear they love to strut their long legs leisurely and pose for photos especially since Paige tried to get selfies with the zebra but they were too busy dancing to give her the time of day.

What can I tell you I was pampered. Two hours under the hands of Alice at the Siyara Spa and I was knocked out cold and snoring on the massage table. I know I know very unbecoming of a lady but can you blame me, I even managed to block out Tevin’s mindless chatter and forget the internet and all of the world. All I remember is waking up with drool running down my cheek, speaking gibberish and hating the fact that I had to ride in the cold to my room. Girls forget that wild bachelorette party and go down to Vasha for a bridal spa weekend your marriage won’t be the same without it.

I have been to Naivasha four times in my adult life each trip presenting its own unique sense of pleasure. But if you ask me the stay at Enashipai is the best one yet. I want to go back if only to enjoy the outdoor shower with my significant other, the spa with my girls, explore the island with my dad and the club with my Junubi family, they know how to throw down a good party. Make sure you follow me on Instagram, that is where the party really is at @Pisces_TwentyTwo and @KenyanNomads for future adventures.

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Our entire experience was all captured in these vlogs on Kenyan Nomads Youtube page: as usual I appreciate your feedback, you know where to leave your comment, down below right next to the share buttons. Remember sharing is sexy!


  • Job Kiruhi

    “I was functioning on two hours of sleep thanks to my friends from Uni who had been enrolled to the bar.” sounds like admission to a watering hole.

    On the bright side the pics are breathe taking.

  • Kate

    The pictures are so beautiful. Invite some of us for the next trip hehe

    Please read

    • grace alice Ndiege

      We sure will Kate the more the merrier! Thank you I’ll drop by.