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If you are not one for frilly books about girlish things and elegant living click out of this post and save yourself a session of eye rolling.

My brother in law challenged me of get out of my literary comfort zone and try read a different genre of book, particularly self-help which I find to be rather annoying and never really helpful unless it is in the form of a captivating story.  With that encouragement he also would not let me borrow from his overflowing collection of books so I had to work around it.

Seeing as self-help isn’t my first choice to read I decided to redefine the way in which I would consume the book which saw me sign up and buy my first audio book on Audible. I was hung up on the allure of being tucked in a corner burying my nose in the pages of a book sometimes whose pages are invaded by a spill of ketchup or soup and being entangled in a story and lost to the world around me.

Being that I wasn’t too sure of where to start, I was led home where fashion & style was born as a starting point initially intending to read How to be Parisian but after reading the reviews ending up with 20 Lessons from Madame Chic instead. A while back I started living by the tenets of Kathleen Tessaro’s Elegance and while I will still pick it up and re-read it cover to cover I needed a new set of laws to compare and learn from.

I won’t lie some of the lessons sound utterly ridiculous like living off a 10 item wardrobe…have they met me! But I will admit it I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to apply a lesson practically in real life this past Saturday. The author is narrating her account as an American living in Paris after High School and how it changed her life, recounting how her host family imparted fabulous, practical life teachings on her.

That despite their wealth they lived humble but very quality lives. There were never really impulse purchases, which I struggle with and that they never ever settled for less. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of Mr price home this Saturday after a lamp I had been eyeing turned out to be out of my budget. Any other day and I would probably have moved heaven and earth (bank account) and just gotten the lamp because I liked it.

You can’t really take this type of book seriously especially because the author wrote contented where I felt it should have been content. But after the wayI thought twice about my expenses I must say it is currently this is my favourite book. An interesting tip that is repeated over and over is that Parisians are not shallow and do not appreciate beauty when it is not accompanied with brains. So always read your books, be familiar with politics and the arts to generally have more things to converse about with different people.

I am looking for more self help books particularly for creatives, not really about fashion as that was just my way of popping the cherry. please suggest any and if you have some on pdf or epub please share with me on Google Drive via

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