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Apparently not many people are aware that comfortable clothing is now in style. Have you been living under a rock? Style icons like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Keke Palmer (she flies high in my books) have been rocking comfortable pieces styled to be extra for a hot minute now these are the ultimate baddies. Our … Read more

Camo & Shirt Dresses 2017 Trends


I definitely made the most of Shirt dresses in 2016. I don’t think 2017 will be any different. Shirt dresses are the simplest most comfortable form of clothing ever created. Built for all occasions depending on the cut and size and perfect for the heat this season,  your wardrobe definitely needs two or three of … Read more



January, Africa’s summer month has definitely started on a good note. Two things I’m doing differently today, first I am typing out the post from my phone and second I will be using photos taken by and edited from my phone! It’s definitely a New Year! I  had a refreshing getaway that you probably didn’t … Read more

How to Look Flawless in your Backless Prom Dress

Pisces22- Grace Ndiege in Djodey Haute

Choosing the right prom dress is no easy task, especially if it is for your very first formal. So we thought we’d give you a little bit of assistance! Read on for some tips on choosing the right backless prom dress. Prom night is probably the most anticipated formal event of any person’s youth. And … Read more


Deacons East Africa

I love getting ready to attend events, red carpet, weddings, birthdays any occasion that I have to dress up for really! The cold weather can be an excuse to dress drab for weddings.June/July. Bright colors and print are the best cure to lift your mood for any occasion. A few statement accessories paired with your … Read more



  There are two trends I am currently in love with for winter;  Neutrals and lace-up boots. The color jungle green has been pulling my attention everywhere this season. It pairs well with patterns and other neutral palettes making it just as easy to wear as black. Dressing up for the weekend in the African … Read more


IMG_5603 re

I love to keep people guessing, its the part of my persona that makes me Pisces! To my friends on Facebook I am funny, to my friends  in the Hooligans I am the blonde,  the groups of bloggers I roll with and close friends probably think I am a sarcastic bitch, my law school friends … Read more