How to Look Flawless in your Backless Prom Dress

Pisces22- Grace Ndiege in Djodey Haute

Choosing the right prom dress is no easy task, especially if it is for your very first formal. So we thought we’d give you a little bit of assistance! Read on for some tips on choosing the right backless prom dress. Prom night is probably the most anticipated formal event of any person’s youth. And … Read more


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I love to keep people guessing, its the part of my persona that makes me Pisces! To my friends on Facebook I am funny, to my friends  in the Hooligans I am the blonde,  the groups of bloggers I roll with and close friends probably think I am a sarcastic bitch, my law school friends … Read more



My childhood memory of weddings involved begging my sister, Beryl for hours to help me get dressed. Of course with a ten year age difference this gets old fast and soon I was left to my own devices. There have been many failed attempts to look decent over the years but as soon as I … Read more



Class is in session. Today I tackle a style I have not worn in almost three years, the preppy look. Remember when Gossip Girl was  the bees knees and Alice bands were all the rage? I was a subscriber then and had the bands in all colours! When a few bloggers and myself decided to … Read more