Camo & Shirt Dresses 2017 Trends


I definitely made the most of Shirt dresses in 2016. I don’t think 2017 will be any different. Shirt dresses are the simplest most comfortable form of clothing ever created. Built for all occasions depending on the cut and size and perfect for the heat this season,  your wardrobe definitely needs two or three of … Read more



January, Africa’s summer month has definitely started on a good note. Two things I’m doing differently today, first I am typing out the post from my phone and second I will be using photos taken by and edited from my phone! It’s definitely a New Year! I  had a refreshing getaway that you probably didn’t … Read more



The Fashion High Tea and Concurs’ d’ Elegance rank highly in my list of fashion events not to miss. However year in year out I always seem to have something else going on and have to pass up on attending either event. I happened to browse through the blogs and one of them had some … Read more



My childhood memory of weddings involved begging my sister, Beryl for hours to help me get dressed. Of course with a ten year age difference this gets old fast and soon I was left to my own devices. There have been many failed attempts to look decent over the years but as soon as I … Read more



Popped in to say GOODBYE for a month before I exit stage on the left.No I am not yet about to quit the blog! Bar exams are in exactly 7 days on the 16th of November and I am going through the NEGOTIATION phase where I am trying to read only what I think is … Read more