i don’t believe in makeovers. Atleast not the ones that happen in less than a day. Its impossible to bequeth style in only a few hours and buying clothes for the person doesnt help much either. The saying: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime…plays a huge role here. In my opinion when you shop for someone altho the clothes may be suitable to them they dnt actually gain much. Style takes time atleast finding a personal one. You will not always be at hand to dress the person but if you taught them through a number of shopping trips over time they learn how to pair things, how to score bargains…afterall fashionistas weren’t made in a day their style was refined over time. Thats just me rumbling i hope you all stay fashionable.



PEPLUM!!! TULIP!!! Its almost 1am and I have no sleep at all…sigh so i decided to test blogger from my mobile *genius. Instead of worrying about it I’ve been trying to mentally design some Ankara (kitenge) african print dresses…well anything for myself. I acquired some beautiful fabric from Uganda last year(flowered print in different shades … Read more



Its less than 24hrs to BOLD. This is the fashion show organised by Kendra Nicole an 18yr old designer at the Loft this Saturday, MARCH 31st. I’ll be on the runway rocking one of her designs which I get to keep after the shoe *excitos. I’ll try upload pics from the event…best way to star … Read more



WOW its been a while, i disappeared off blogosphere for quite sometime(no good reason just laziness)…but i do have good stuff as usual. Am going through a crash course catwalk training as part of auditions for a modelling agency, its really exciting. Am also one of the brand ambassadors for Kendra Fashion House a Kenyan … Read more