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I got so much love on the this post! Clearly more than one person has been burned trying to get themselves settled in a relationship. I honestly did not think I would be posting twice this week things got real in my little world. I was reminded that life is fleeting and you need to get … Read more



The trouble with trying to date today is social media. Fullstop. Of course there is a myriad of other factors that come into play but technology and the growth of social media have drastically changed the game. We have gone from naive teenage girls tracing maps of Africa on the ground with their feet to … Read more



Building a make up kit is probably the next fundamental bit about creating your closet. Not only do people judge you from the way you clothes look but overall how well you are put together. Statistics prove that people tend to trust attractive people even when they are lying more than someone who is unsightly. … Read more



The Fashion High Tea and Concurs’ d’ Elegance rank highly in my list of fashion events not to miss. However year in year out I always seem to have something else going on and have to pass up on attending either event. I happened to browse through the blogs and one of them had some … Read more