How To Travel Without Traveling 


  When I discovered the Chainsmokers last year I knew they would one day make the playlist to an epic road trip. I lived this dream when I woke up at 4 a.m. Saturday morning and went on a little excursion with some new friends. Many people  like the idea travel and the general assumption … Read more



I am old fashioned; I love to write by hand. I cannot explain the way I feel when my pen scratches paper and the end of it pure unadulterated thoughts that confess what the tongue dare not speak. A hand written letter is the most romantic gesture; the way the mind opens up and pours … Read more



What happens when your ride or die texts you barely an hour to make plans. You drop everything of course…folks THIS ONE IS LOYAL!! THE DATE: A couple of weeks back, Fransisca (aka Frankie), my twin from another mother sends me a message to be her plus one to Diana Opoti’s event 100 Days Of … Read more